Government Shutdown: How Will It Impact Hollywood?

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Oct. 2 (Bloomberg) –- TheWrap Senior Writer Brent Lang and Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman discuss the effects of the shutdown on Hollywood productions. They speak with Adam Johnson and Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

You are in the thick of it.

Any evidence of a shut down in wall -- hollywood?

Panda films should watch out.

[laughter] anyone who has a production tied to federal property has to go back and check if it is going to work.

I have spoken to some producers who say they got some of the notifications that you had better check it out, which is a big deal if you are doing a big- budget movie and you only have so much time to shoot it and all of a sudden you cannot use the location.

A lot of productions are technically hollywood and on all over the world, so that is probably not of the lions share of the production story right now, but that is the most obvious story.

You have got to check the fine print.

Brent, you have done a lot of work on this.

The funny thing is we talked about this earlier today, hollywood shutdown, you would not think that it would be an issue, but as john pointed out there is a real problem there.

You are absolutely right, you would not think that these worlds would collide, but they do frequently, daily, like everything that john was describing all the way down to regulatory issues and fret -- federal approval for mergers and television licenses.

There are an awful lot of regulatory issues that dangle in the balance of the federal government.

People are not thinking about hollywood and the people that go into getting a specific location set up.

They are absolutely not, but there are so many iconic locations that are federal property.

Wanted to shoot in the lincoln memorial?

You are out of luck right now.

Too bad, right?

If you are a film company anticipating a certain schedule, what do you do?

Whacks it could cost hollywood money.

I do not know if any productions have been impacted, but these productions are on tight schedules, so if you just wrapped filming you might feel it.

You might lose your star.

Think about this, this is a two- week or three-week scenario, some say -- who knows how long it will be.

You run the risk that your main star might have another occasion ? this is a global business right now.

You have got talent he high in the camera, in front of the camera, coming from all over the globe.

Right now it is not clear that there will be visa issues, but there could the.

International actors and film crews, it might be harder to get in.

It is still early and all of this, but if this drags out, could it push some of the film business overseas?

In some cases the film business has already gone overseas.

The best news for hollywood right now is that they are chasing tax subsidies.

It is a huge part of what they bake into their budgets and those are usually given out by states, so they will not be impacted by the government shutdown.

Talking about fcc approval, sinclair broadcasting, any word on these deals in washington and whether they get held up?

That is another important aspect.

This is a pretty busy time for deals, whether it is traditional television players coming together, traditional radio players coming together, there will be a lot of talk about mergers in the months to come.

On paper you are probably looking at this is a short-term story, but you are right, there is this possibility that you, for example, if you were working on a deal that none of us know about and this pops up, could that be an issue?

On the flipside, political theater gets a lot of producers rubbing their hands together because as you highlighted before the break, one of the popular shows that everyone likes to talk about right now is the emmy-winning show "house of cards" from netflix.

What are they going to do?

Get more subscribers to netflix?

I do not know.

One well-known producer that i spoke with today said -- i am just watching this like everyone else and not necessarily understanding why something cannot be resolved, which leads to great character stories.

What i am asking is so much of that shooting takes place in washington, d.c., and i assume you would know more than i do.

I believe that it is not primarily film in washington, d.c., but when you talk about entertainment, just look at late-night comics, they are having a field day.

The daily show is going nuts for this.

There are some positives.

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