Government Shutdown: 5 Reasons You Should Care

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Oct. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Betty Liu reports on the top reasons American's should care about the U.S. government shutdown. (Source: Bloomberg)

Reasons why americans should care about the first government shutdown in 17 years.

First up, are you getting a flu shot this week because i am.

The cdc must shut down tracking the flu outbreak.

Next up, government workers not just sitting at home enjoying the day off, they are not getting paid.

Paychecks could be delayed or canceled thomas stopping them from paying bills during the first week of the month.

Consider this economic impact.

The federal housing authority will not be able to insure mortgages, slowing down the housing recovery.

We're supposed to get the september monthly jobs report this friday.

This delay could affect decision-making on tapering.

The shutdown could hit the twitter sphere with regulators on skeleton staff, raising the prospect of market problems and possibly slowing down twitters much anticipated ipo.

Now close as a national park service is a government entity.

Anyone trying to enjoy the last days of warm weather, they are being forced to leave in the next 48 hours.

For more on what happens next in washington, i want to bring in chris van hollen.

Congressman van hollen.

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