Government Chaos the Real Enemy in Ukraine: Hayden

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May 6 (Bloomberg) -- General Michael Hayden, principal at Chertoff Group, discusses the lack of government control in Ukraine and how the United States can work with NATO to help control unrest in the nation on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Toward -- he has toured in germany.

What are you focused on?

What do we need to focus on within the west, russia, and ukraine?

If you want to use the chess analogy, i think it is quite correct.

If you want to use the chess analysis the -- analogy, i am fearful the ponds are beginning to control the board.

The violence in the street, which may or may not be directed by anyone is driving events.

I do not think putin wants a war, but it is almost as if he has started a fire and the embers that he has kicked up are landing and lighting different parts of ukrainian society up.

What is the place of our military in this debate?

I cannot get a clear description of the u.s. relationship with nato and the u.s. military's historic relationship with germany.

Where does the military fit in?

We have moved some military forces into the baltic states.

There are some fighter aircraft and paratroopers.

I think what we need to do is to step up advisory function in kiev.

They are not nato members and we are not, sing to defend their borders, but we can help them control a situation that is getting out of control.

Fbi and cia members are in kiev.

What is the appropriate role for those americans?

The best thing that could possibly happen is that you have a functioning government in kiev.

There has not been a functioning government therefore a long time.

We are building up the organ of ukrainian states.

They can govern.

The real enemy is chaos.

Michael hayden, thank you very much.

The formal director of the cia.

Our guest host for this hour is leo hindery.

He is the managing partner of intermedia partners.

He speaks on media.

We will get to that shortly.

I want to start with ukraine.

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