Gore: U.S. Politics Hacked by Money, Corporations

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Oct. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Former Vice President Al Gore discusses U.S. politics and the fiscal crises with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers." (Source: Bloomberg)

Washington, overseas, or anywhere in america, what just transpired in washington over the past two weeks seemed messy.

People describe members of congress as terrorists.

Maybe this is a healthy thing.

Is this democracy in action?

Is this what it takes to get america to the right place?

Our democracy has been hacked.

Money plays the dominant role in politics today.

It is badly in need of reform.

Corporations are not err since.

Money is not speech.

Anonymous contributors should not call the shots.

Our democracy is intended to lift the public interest as a result of a conversation of democracy among the people.

We the people, the phrase is used a lot, have a lot of work to do.

We have got to reform the political system.

These shutdowns are damaging.

No reform of any consequence can pass in washington today.

The special interest controls the system.

I am glad this shutdown was resolved, but it was only resolved for a shirt -- a short term.

We have to reform -- how do you compare that to the last shutdown?

Look at what special interest groups have done now.

Look at what we have gone through the last two weeks.

How different is it from where we were?

Do these probit -- to these parties have a chance?

America's devastated.

It is worse today than i was in the 1990's. bill clinton and i were able to work with congress and in the progress -- and in the process we balanced the budget and had the strongest growth in the nation's history and reduced the debt.

We made a lot of progress.

Special interests have much more control now.

We see the same pathetic performance where the climate crisis is concerned.

We are putting 90 million times of global warming pollution into the atmosphere -- 90 million tons of global warming pollution into the atmosphere every day.

The pollution caused by human activity traps as much extra key every day -- extra heat as hiroshima bombs going off every 24 hours.

That is what contributed to the highest temperatures in the recorded history of the united states.

One of the worst droughts, that is why we are seeing extreme weather events related to the climate crisis around the world.

We are paying the cost of carbon and global warming collusion now.

We need to put a price on it and a price on denial on the political system.

You have a noble prize, you also have a daytime emmy.

You have been part of the academy award-winning movie, "the inconvenient truth." you want all of those things.

You are also a very gracious loser, particularly when it comes to politics.

What thoughts would you offer to the republicans, particularly to the tea party, because they have to work together somehow?

What would you say to them right now?

I always say you win some and you lose some.

Whatever happens, it is how you react to it and how you move forward and focus on the future.

We have to come together as a country.

In many ways, the underlying frustration and anger that is evident in the tea party is connected to some of what has gone badly wrong in our economic system and our political system.

We have higher levels of income and net worth any quality than egypt or tunisia.

95% of all of the additional net income since the recovery began in 2009 has gone to the top 1%. that is a fact.

The middle-class is being

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