GoPro IPO: What to Know Ahead of Pricing

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June 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Leslie Picker explores GoPro’s IPO and valuation and the revenue streams fueling the company as it aims to be more of a media company than a camera maker. She speaks on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Is it a hardware company or a media company?

They earned $1 billion in revenue, all their revenue came from the sale of hardware and accessories for the gopro product.

That said, in their ipo they are valuing themselves like a media company.

This is how they are going to get growth moving forward.

It is not such a far cry, one analyst said it is kind of like taking nicole richie and her twitter stream and turning that into a tv show.

You have all this content and information and turning that into a media channel that people can watch.

Are they making money as a media company?

Not yet.

They have partnerships with microsoft, version america, and youtube.

They filter content and collect revenue from advertising based on that.

That is not expected to be material revenue in 2014. i get dizzy as i watch these things.

The video is so awesome.

Any talk of partnerships with red bull, that seems obvious.

They have sponsorships, they sponsor athletes.

Their bread and butter is surfing.

They sponsor those competitions and racecar competitions.

They have some sponsorship interaction.

As far as i know they do not collect revenue from that.

It is mostly the sale of hardware.

How has the roadshow gone, are they so arrogant they do not have a road showhow?

I watched their retail roadshow video, which was produced by gopro.

Very entertaining to watch.

Exciting looking at ebitda, are they going to make any money or is it -- red bull videos?

Guys doing crazy things.

February of 2000, right?

I would not say it is that extreme.

These guys are profitable and have been for four years that they posted financials and their perspectives -- in their prospectus.

Net income, gross margins at 37%, not horrible for media companies going public.

What i hear is that the roadshow is going well.

People are impressed by tony bates, the former microsoft executive they brought on.

Seen as the grown-up in the room.

Let's go to the grown-up in the room.

Richard bernstein.

Former merrill lynch.

He is the author of a book.

Fabulous book on growth versus value.

Investors manic for "disruptor" stocks.

Kate moore, two-tiered market, disruptors on one hand and everything on the other?

That is fair, people are looking for story stock at this point in the violation cycle.

It is not that regular companies

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