2016 GOP Primary Will Be Bloody and Ugly: Plouffe

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July 14 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor David Plouffe discusses the GOP jockeying to find a candidate in the 2016 U.S. presidential primary to rival Tea Party favorite Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul. He speaks with Trish Regan on "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Rand paul question mark is a crushable by hillary clinton question mark i do think he appeals to a growing populist wing of the republican party.

I think republicans, and clearly they understand this, they dismiss him at their peril.

There are a lot of republican voters who are little more isolationist now on foreign policy.

I think he holds some extreme views, but we grew the electorate with hillary clinton.

I think rand paul can do it.

His father has a built-in network that is shown some skill and power.

I think it will be fascinating to watch.

Is there a danger to that, to a certain extent?

We saw that happen the last time around.

You saw newt gingrich out attacking mitt romney and that later came back to haunt mitt romney in a big way.

Thus the republican party risk too much infighting and therefore eventually damaging the candidate they put forward?

That's what's going to happen.

George bush slipped up against john mccain.

That was a pretty tough race in 2000. primaries are brutal.

There are family affairs.

This is going to be a fascinating republican race.

A lot of people in the tea party don't consider rand paul a real tea party or.

He will have one foot in the tea party wing and one in the populist wing.

You will have a governor or two, some of the senators.

It's going to be a fascinating race.

You will have no clear front runner and you will have three or four different kind of factions represented.

It's going to be bloody and ugly, as they always are.

Do you think chris christie is going to be in their?

I assume is going to run.

I would not rule him out.

It's hard to see how he wins enough republican delegates.

There is no doubt with all the controversy, the republican base -- he still holds positions that are more conservative and the republican tea party base believes him to be a liberal.

That will be hard to run that obstacle course.

Does rand paul need to be less of an isolationist if he wants to be taken seriously when it comes to foreign affairs, and if he wants to be on the ticket?

Having been through a couple of these, you have to be who you are.

The moment you start being inauthentic and changing positions, that will do more harm to you than whatever position you john two.

My sense is that he's going to say here is who i am.

Someone like chris christie or jeb bush, the only way they can get elected president is if in the primary they don't sacrifice who they are.

If they start making deals with the devil in the tea party, they will come out the other in holding positions -- we saw that with mitt romney.

A perfect case study of that, right?

Trying to move too much in one direction or another, based on what you think the voting population wants.

I'm kind of an amateur romney psychologists.

The guy in massachusetts was not the real romney.

I think his conservative positions were probably fairly truthful positions, but he came out of the primary, where on immigration, he went off the deep end.

The average american did not support -- he is polling well in new hampshire.

We went through 24 years with the democratic party where we only one one presidential election with carter in 1976. right now you see in the republican party, the same thing happening.

Until that gets rectified, but these things go in cycles.

I don't see signs it will happen anytime soon.

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