Google, Yahooo, Facebook Petition FISA on Data Use

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Sept. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg West Editor-At-Large Cory Johnson examines the FISA request by major technology companies to release information on data use on their customers by the U.S. government. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West."

Many requests are broken -- are related to national security.

What could this petition do?

This is uncharted territory.

We did not know this was going on and had been for many years.

The business and instruction these guys is disconcerting.

They want to grow their businesses internationally which is more important than the mystically is in pens to buy this.

-- which is more important to them impinges on this.

These are some of the companies involved.

All live these companies are going to the fisa court saying they want to be able to disclose more specifically how many people are affected.

They want most people to think they are not affected.

The vast majority of these requests are not related to national security and have to do with kidnapping and more petty crimes.

What specifically are they asking for?

They want to be able to release how many people -- how many customers information they are being asked to turn over so people will have a better idea.

The fisa court says you can lump it in with any request.

It is how many people these are affecting?

Or more detail.

We don't know where this will end up.

The statements from the companies have been very strong.

Let me read a couple.

Yahoo's is that yahoo says -- google was just as strong in their letter talking about basic things -- have companies and -- have companies appeared in the fisa court.

We don't know because this is uncharted territory.

Facebook said -- it could be as many as 11 million people.

The companies get ahead of this by saying it is a limited number and we cannot tell you how small.

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