Google Trends of 2013: Mandela, iPhone, Paul Walker

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Dec. 17 (Bloomberg) -- Google’s Kate Mason runs down the search engine’s top trending searches of 2013 on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

The list.

Here to discuss with me more about the top 10 searches is google trends expert kate mason.

It is sort of surprising that nelson mandela still top the list even though it happened so recently.

You saw some interesting trends when he came to him.


He had quite the popularity throughout the year, but with his passing recently, there was a spike around his name.

Tell us how you put this list together, because it is not the most popular, it is actually trending, and those are different things.

There's a difference between what is most certain for, which is like weather and information quickly, versus what is trending.

Eggs bikes happening, those of the searches that give us a better insight into what is on people's minds.

Two actors, paul walker, cory monteith, died suddenly this year.

Is that something that can happen to comes to celebrities?

It is a reflection of why people search.

They look to get clarification but on other times they just look for breaking news.

The iphone 5 as was number three, the samsung alec -- galaxy as for was number eight.

Devices, what kinds of trends do you see when it comes to devices?

Isn't only the sort of top down -- gadgets?

We break out a whole separate list for gadgets.

Anything new or exciting in technology always searched a lot.

It is fun to look at this list, because it is interesting to see what has happened in this year.

The royal baby, i almost forgot that happened this year.

I'm surprised that was not higher.

That is always something that a surprising.

Everything from really serious issues, all the way to things like a memoir.

Anything that surprise you that was not on it?

We are always surprised not to see certain events that you personally think resonated more.

The list is always a really

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