Moto X: Google's New Threat to Apple and Samsung

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Aug. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg senior West Coast correspondent Jon Erlichman examines Google Moto X, the first smartphone developed from start to finish under Google's watch. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Google bought them for $12.5 billion.

During that time, we've seen the ascendancy of global's -- of google's android operating system.

It's a brass i was.

The problem is samsung has become synonymous with andorra, and google wants to change that with this lots of the moto x. we have got jon erlichman here as a trade on the -- onset.

He is in town to see this event and to use a new moto x. will go will actually deliver with so much hype going into this event?

It is an important one for motorola and google.

For motorola, it is the same smartphone story, we want to get back in the game with samsung and apple.

For google, it is more about securing what android has become.

To show some of the android partners if you are not making fun like this that use and/or the way it can be used, you are not setting up to the game.

It is an imported time because fans on to some extent has been itself from andorra, trying its own operating -- from android, trying its own operating system.

What is the buzz on a? kennet lane airplanes?

-- can it land airplanes?

That is the problem.

I'm excited to be here on "surveillance" today." . i brought tom keene a present.

An l.a. dodgers t-shirt, extra large, thank you, jon.

You need x, x, x -- did you see the game last night?

That was really cool.

It was.

3-0. it uses sensors in a way that knows where you are, if it is in your pocket, on the road, that would be helpful.

We might be at a saturation point in north america.

Who is more threatened by this?

It is apple or samsung?

I think it would be apple.

For apple, with their i was, -- thereir ios, they are trying to stay in the game.

Shameless plug -- richard haass, is a great magazine, "foreign affairs," old technology.

Citigroup writes about digital exhaustion.

With your watch at "bloomberg west," are we getting too much of the stuff?

I think it is only the beginning could we talk about a new type of technology or a new type of digital technology, a new type of social media it seems like every six months.

Last hour, you had talked about traditional media.

Who would've thought that services like twitter would be the new form of news delivery?

This stuff moves quickly.

Maybe the innovation does not move as fast for investors or apple investors who want to see a tv or a watch this quarter or in the next four months, but there are some dramatic changes happening here.

And there so something physical about this.

Foreign affairs.

Joining me as always -- jon, who are you talking to today?

We're going to talk to the gentleman who runs motorola.

This is a really important story because we see so many for more -- former googlers coming into motorola.

They have to tell people that they are motorola employees.

There is a certain wall between the two, even though it is owned by google, so there is an interesting dynamic because they have got to be from it to their android partners, they've got to manage a few different things.

What time is this?

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