Google Targeted in State Crackdown on Illicit Ads

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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- Google hasn’t done enough to satisfy an investigation by multiple states into whether it adequately screens illegal drug advertisements and illicit online videos, Mississippi’s top law enforcement official said. Bloomberg's Megan Hughes has more on "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

First off, who is raising the concerns?

It is a multistate investigation, but really the mrs.

To -- mississippi attorney general leading the charge.

She is ready to issue a civil investigation into the company.

What they tell you is good -- in a meeting sounds good buddy go online and check it out and it is not true.

He wants to know how they screen digital videos and ads, how do they place them, is the company potentially not removing illegal material including drug advertisements, and are they profiting?

Two attorney generals sent google a letter back looking at this issue.

He still has not sufficiently answer the questions ms why they're taking the next step.

What does google say about all of this?

A spokeswoman says the company takes users safely -- safety seriously.

They're constantly removing illegal at and any content exploiting children.

It is up from 220 million in 2012. they also point to steps intent on marketing counterfeit goods.

82% in 2013 very when it comes to online pharmacy options, the folks there say they removed millions in 2013 alone.

Megan joining us from washington.

Thank you.

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