Google Swoops Into Drone Market With Titan Purchase

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April 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matthew Campbell examines Google’s entry into the drone market with the purchase of Titan Aerospace on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.”

For google.

They do try to get ahead of cutting-edge technology.

I don't think anybody expects them to have drowned services ever revenue line anytime soon.

This is about using these high-altitude drones, they're almost satellites in the upper region of the atmosphere, to offer internet access to remote areas.

The question is how much demand is therefore it?

Internet access in the world is pretty good.

It is only going to get better.

The number of applications is limited.

Google does want to be at the cutting edge and they have the money to do so.

It has a toys for the boys feel to it.

When you are larry page or eric schmidt, they are billionaires of the top of google, you can afford to do things like this.

Silicon valley has a history of a tinkering spirit.

They buy things that don't have an immediate practical thing.

We have to wait and see if it translates into actual products.

Despite the tech selloff, the other story is blooming.

Let's talk about these things.

This is another technology deal of the financial times.

Zebra technology is going to buy the unit from motorola solutions that does inventory management and keeping track of lots of little items.

This is not a terribly glamorous part of the tech sector.

It is important to a range of ebony's like big retailers.

-- companies like big retailers.

It is not hard to see a future where basically everything is going to be connected to some kind of network.

That has business applications.

Thank you very much.

Matt campbell.

Arianne huffington spoke to charlie rose about finding a work like balance and redefining success.

If we define ourselves in terms of our jobs, we are

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