Google Surges to Record High on Ad Clicks

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Oct. 18 (Bloomberg) – Bloomberg’s Jon Erlichman reports on Google earnings reaching $1,000 a share and the reasons behind it. He speaks to Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

On -- if you look a little deeper, mobile is creating opportunities and challenges for google.

Add prices fell eight percent in the quarter due partly to the fact that mobile ad that mobile is cheaper but i is up 36%. jon erlichman has more from l.a.. what do we make of all of these mixed things happening?

I feel like this google story is very similar to the story of facebook that we have discussed for months.

It seems like wall street and investors are watching to companies that are transforming their businesses to a new reality, a world where people are viewing things, searching on their phones, searching on their tablets more than they ever have before.

Two companies were built in a time when people were doing much of that on their pc, that requires a lot of legwork.

You do see that show up in these result.

As you make that transition, in the beginning the options are not as great for the advertising space so the pricing is lower.

The number of ads that people are clicking on the google ultimately gets paid for our big and growing.

The fact company has been able to maintain growth in the high teen to 20% range has made people say, ok we are understanding what they are up to these days.

What about the social aspect of this?

Google plus has struggled to catch of the facebook.

It is getting a social boost through youtube.

I think this is an important part.

Youtube is a social network.

There is a high level of interaction there.

The move to mobile for youtube has been huge.

The ceo has discussed this on a call last night, roughly 40% of the youtube crowd thick comes from mobile.

That is a huge advertising opportunity.

Video ads bring in higher ad dollars.

That is what youtube does.

They have highlighted a number of examples, that are spending big box tied to youtube.

If you think about the next leg of this chapter, youtube being available through streaming services like chrome cast, if more people are watching youtube and a home, all of a sudden the conversation becomes if this company is gearing up to take more traditional tv advertising in a way.

Those are huge numbers.

Jon erlichman, our senior west coast correspondent.

While google stock is soaring

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