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Sept. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Google for Entrepreneurs' Mary Grove discusses the launch of Google's Tech Hub Network to help entrepreneurs and deepen ties to local communities. She speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Chicago is one of the cities where you are starting these hubs.

How exactly is this going to work e iq so much for having me.

We are excited to launch the tech hub network which is a program within our broad umbrella of google entrepreneurs.

It is a network of seven key partnerships with organizations on the ground for providing physical space and mentor ship and exciting programs for entrepreneurs locally.

Ask what kinds of the dice, what kinds of people at google are these entrepreneurs going to have access to e the partnership itself is directly from google, we are providing financial sponsorship to underwrite some of the operational costs, as well as community events for the on -- for the entrepreneurs within these heck hubs.

We provide access to product training on a range of topics ranging from marketing to technology platforms.

Is larry page going to weigh in on these things that go -- on these things?

There will be a local point person for each of the seven tech hubs.

In minneapolis, we have heard they are interested in learning about social media and google plus, online marketing.

We will have a team there to host training and hang out with the entrepreneurs as well.

How did you decide what cities to do these hubs, and what plans do you have to expand beyond them?

It has been an exciting trend we have noted.

We started it two years ago as an effort to organize all the outreach work happening across google.

We are a company started in a garage 15 years ago.

We just turned 15 this month.

This is an effort to double down on about 70 different programs under the umbrella.

We talked to various partners across the country and we have seen the rise of tech hubs across the last few years, across the country and across the world.

We selected seven that have a like-minded mission and really want to be that community to learn.

I was just in detroit interviewing twitter cofounder jack dorsey and talking to venture capitalists about why they invest their.

They certainly e your point that there is a lot of talent there but not a lot of investment opportunity.

This could be helpful to google, in terms of being a pipeline for talent, and opportunity for you guys to invest in startups that you think are promising.

Our focus is about the community building aspect.

Our strategy is to support local leaders on the ground who are doing this work.

That is why partnership is the primary strategy.

We do get rations about google products and platforms, but the primary goal is about being the platform to empower the next generation of startups to succeed.

Could there be potential acquisition targets for google?

We are always looking for great companies across the board.

If that happens organically, that is definitely an opportunity, but the primary reason again is about the op community.

When we support them and they succeed, is great for the companies themselves, great for the users, and great for google as well as more companies come online and utilize the web.

Mary grove in chicago, thank

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