Google's Barge Is a Plea for Attention: Kedrosky

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Nov. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Paul Kedrosky discusses Google's marketing tactics with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." Jon Erlichman also comments. (Source: Bloomberg)

Is om malik.

-- paul kedrosky.

What do you think this they show room for google glass?

Anything is possible.

My biggest concern is an this a problem with billionaires worldwide if they do not get the fine line between cool marketing stunts and all my god, a psychotic billionaire.

A difference between richard branson's. when he started building a barges and people's harbors, it makes people understandably nervous.

Something strange.

The possibility from a standpoint if you watch a movie like "water world" a lot of things can go wrong.

The least of which is beset sinks.

It prides itself on making a big bat like google glass and drivers was cars and their new health company.

Does it seem a little bit frivolous?

What's more than a little bit.

It really feels sweaty in a sense.

They are so desperate to have people pay attention to what is happening with google glass.

It is consider a geek product.

Not a broad consumer interest of side of robert and the people he's connected to a facebook.

The problem is how you get beyond that kind of chamber of silicon valley and get normal people do actually know and care about a product from their standpoint seems to be indicative of a lot of things their cell phone does?

We spoke with the coast guard about this project and they and knowledge they did sign a nondisclosure agreement but not to google.

But to the company that oversees on the barge.

Does it sound desperate that they are going to this length to market potentially google glass?

Yeah, the idea that apple is really good at marketing, what can we do to be good at marketing and get attention?

It is what happens when "apocalypse now" what went wrong when they were doing and they said they have much money and they spend too much time in the jungle and slowly went mad.

If they whiff of that.

Watching apple for too long and watching their success and crating new segments as saying, hey, we have a new product.

Why are not enough people washing outside of silicon valley?

An attempt to redefine.

A platform that will allow us to do that, a barge in the bay area that redefines shopping in ships and barges.

It really does feel like a ploy for attention.

If it is indeed true, there are reports there are other similar barges on the east coast that they are making most people -- multiple barges.

If they are true, how big an impact will it be have on sales of google glass?

Between on and not much more than non-. i do not see where it fundamentally changes the problem.

The deep-seated problem is a lack of apps that attracts anybody outside of valley.

They say, wait a minute, is this something different or more important, so i will buy one.

That is not the case.

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