Google Profit Beats on Unexpected Ad Sales Gain

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July 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde breaks down second-quarter results from Google as ad sales grew and how the company will deal with the loss of Chief Business Officer Nikesh Arora. She speaks on “On The Move.”

Search engine.

They reported results that beat estimates.

Here with more on google and their migration to mobile is a lady that knows a lot about tec.

European business correspondent caroline hyde.

Managing to ramp up the click.

The price that they can charge per click, the money coming in is actually falling 6% overall in the second quarter.

They drove them up by 33%. managed to offset that deterioration.

The reason they are getting cheaper is because we do so much surfing via mobile now.

Everyone's to pour their advertising into the smartphone but you can't charge as much.

57% lower is what you charge, for the price of a smartphone at versus a desktop.

Because the smartphone screen is so much smaller you can do far less with it.

The interesting view is, will it become more expensive in the end?

Think of what you are eventually going to get with a smartphone advert.

You have location data.

They will see that you are nearby a certain restaurant.

They can push out certain adverts that are bespoke to you.

Any argue in the long-term they will be more lucrative than the pc.

For the time being, they have to ramp up the amount that we are clicking.

I am always very, very concerned about location devices.

I keep mine turned off.

I am not sure how they are going to track me to the cafe.

On the other side, one concern is about management and the loss of a big executive.

The chief business officer stepping down.

He is moving to softbank, the japanese mobile giant.

He was pretty instrumental in growing google as now the biggest search engine in the world.

Many saying, it is not too much of a loss.

This is a company that is investing.

They are spending big, they have new sources of revenue.

Cost went up 25% but they feel they are going to be rewarded.

You have more expansion into new services.

You have enhanced campaigns prompting marketers to funnel their money into youtube and the like.

They can promise they will get the best hits, the best ads because they are promising advertisers and marketers the best content.

Lots of money being spent hiring people.

2000 more employees to google.

Think of the new growth in the play store, hotel booking software.

Remember the acquisitions.

They bought test labs and a few more.

This is a company that is

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