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Jan. 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Tom Giles reports on Google allowing Google Plus users to e-mail anyone with a G-mail account on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Do not have their e-mail address as long as you are on google plus.

People want to reach you.

If you are a gmail user and you use google plus -- this is all about google needing to ramp up social networking.

They have been so pioneering on the web, so successful with advertising.

They have not been very successful in terms of social network.

They were blown away by facebook and, to some degree, twitter.

This is their way of saying we need to ramp up google plus, we have fallen behind.

A lot of people feel this is really heavy handed.

You can opt out, and i already did, so people will not be able to e-mail me, but don't you think this is sort of like taking users by force.

They recently required anyone who wanted to comment on a youtube video to sign up with google plus even if they didn't want to.


The goal is not exactly the poster child for internet privacy.

This is another way they're going to upset users.

The fact is, you're still going to have a lot of people feeling like, gosh, i really have to be a user of all these other google products in order to take advantage of this one.

Gmail has been very popular and that has really taken off.

So, yes, i think this is definitely going to wrangle more and more users in much the same way that facebook made people upset with the sponsored stories that they are scaling back on now.

How many times have you been scrolling through your news feed and seen an ad for something out of the complete blue and seen that a couple of your friends like it and wondered, really?

Did she give facebook permission to say that so-and-so likes this product or this restaurant?

It seems like facebook is being responsive, whether they were forced to or not.

They are reacting against a curve that google will be up against soon.

If you do want to opt out, you should be receiving an e- mail from google soon.

I got mine this earning.

Make sure you look out for that.

This reminds me of google buzz.

They automatically signed up every gmail user for it and they ended up getting sign -- fined by the fcc and eventually shutting it down.

Could regulators look into this?

I can tell you that any time these tech companies use what customers considered to be heavy-handed means to get you to adopt other products, that has, in the past, raise the hackles of regulators.

They don't want the customer, whether the customer is a small business, big business, or just consumers like you and me, i don't want them to feel -- they don't want them to feel boxed in.

We saw this with microsoft in the 1990s. any time you have companies like google, facebook, twitter expanding on the web and saying if you want this, you have to use this, that could raise the alarm of regulators.

Rex we will be watching to see how this plays out.

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