Google Seeks Magic of Luxury With Luxottica Deal

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March 25 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Andrew Roberts reports on Google partnering with Luxottica for better design and access to luxury brands. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Opportunity for luxottica.

It has to look good.

That is right.

Opportunity for both companies.

Google is partnering with the world's biggest i wear makeup.

It is getting real know-how in making quality eyewear.

This company has distribution around the world in retail and wholesale.

Most importantly, it is partnering with a company that has licenses for a lot of the top names in luxury -- from chanel through burberry, armani, coach.

This is a fantastic opportunity.

It is a greater opportunity perhaps for luxottica to partner with the company that really is the leader in augmented reality eyewear.

In smart watches, there is no clear leader with samsung also producing goods.

Google is the leader in technological eyewear.

It allows luxottica to partner with a company that could be a threat down the road potentially later to its business.

Luxottica is the leader in eyewear.

How big a partnership is this for google?

Is there anyone else the company could tie up with that would generate the kind of style and have the same name recognition that luxottica can bring to the table?

There are other players in italy.

The number two, other companies as well, eyewear makers.

Luxottica has the scale and range of brands the others do not have.

It is the clearly there, the same way that google is the clear leader in its field.

A partnership of two leaders in their field.

Joining forces in combining something that will extend through to luxury.

Both from a peer luxury brand perspective and a test of logical -- and the technological aspect.

This reflects the partnerships apple has been doing by hiring luxury executives.

To teach them the magic of

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