Google Wants to Kill Your Cable TV: Will It Work?

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July 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg senior markets correspondent Julie Hyman reports that Google is said to be exploring a streaming web TV service, holding discussions with top media executives. She speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop."

A screaming -- streaming tv service.

He would get the television channels over cable -- you now what over cable you get through an internet connection instead.

Google made a similar attempt at this a couple of years ago and did not go anywhere.

A lot of folks are trying to do this.

Google is feeling the pushing and trying to find revenue stream.

This is an effort to do so.

Intel is trying to want something by the end of the year.

-- talk about apple tv.

The latest reports say that they are exploring an advertisement- skipping service that would pay providers that when -- when people skip them.

Sony has been exploring something.

This is something that is really across the tech industry right now.

Tell us the difference between this and netflix or hulu.

This would be more like traditional cable in some ways in that you will be light streaming.

Netflix or hulu is on demand.

You order what you would like off the menu so to speak.

Even when your streaming come is still on demand content.

People familiar with the matter who told us google is in talks, said they could end up doing a library model.

It is very preliminary.

Nothing is imminent.

Google is exploring the possibility of doing that.

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