Google Has More Creative Upside Than Amazon: Bennun

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Jan. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Paul Bennun, Chief Creative Officer at Somethin' Else Sound Directions, discusses the future of Amazon and Google, and why he’s sees more upside with Google. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

They are trying to create ecosystems, one was to collect your data and one wants to sell you stuff.

There are many similarities.

We look at what they are doing, do those similarities jump out?

Their fundamental different companies.

Yes they want a bigger systems to capture as much value as they can.

One is an advertising business.

The goal is an advertising business.

Amazon sells a very thin russell martin -- profit margin.

They want to sell you stuff.

They could not be more different.

It is google that is spending money on hardware.

It just got rid of its handset business.

It has robotics companies that it is buying.

It is very interesting.

Their acquisitions are all about trying to closer to their users.

Nest is a company that smell -- cells smoke alarms.

The window you are doing inside your house.

That is very interesting.

It is a better understanding of what human beings do.

Amazon is a hardware business.

The kindle is a shop in your home.

If it breaks they will give you one for free.

That is how much they want to be in your home.

It is a very different business.

Google is cheaper than i am going to buy.

That is a huge problem going forward.

Some analysts say the microsoft makes more money on every nexus sold.

This is a very big problem because of android.

We look at the stock price, how much of that is due to android?

How much of the making off this system?

How much is it worth to them question it is a hard case to make.

Were the government?

-- where do these companies go next?

Google is different.

It they are massive in the spaces in which they operate.

You still have the sense that we still do not know or understand what they are capable of.

It is true.

Google has the more interesting upside potential.

Or the mo -- more they could do in the future.

Amazon provides cloud services.

It powers most of the internet.

It is that one tiny sliver of other revenue they have.

It is much more interesting to look at google and what they're going to do as opposed to a traditional retail model with amazon.

It is very effective.

They were stopping by.

Coming up, the self-described king of fun.

We will see what the billionaire does with his fortune.

Stay with us for that story coming up next.


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