Latest Feature for Google Glass: Streaming Music

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Nov. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Brian Womack reports on Google Glass expanding its feature set into music. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

These guys clearly see it as a gateway to all of the products they offer.

Right now when you have those, you will see a bunch of options.

This is a whole new line.

You can have music as an option, make a phone call, e-mail message, whatever.

This is a pretty important step.

This is google being pretty serious.

I feel like these offerings are not disparate.

Is this working?

Itunes rules the world right now.

This is glass.

This would feature some other service first.

Is there a sense that with google -- i don't care about people, as you know.

I don't care if consumers will use a product, i'm more interested in a business.

This could gain more traction.

People are thinking about it.

It is interesting thing.

We had a big rollout here the past few years.

Now it is the proven time.

Glasses get a lot more press.

At a can only help.

Would the consumer have to have google headphones.

I am picturing like dr.

Doom helmet.

If you buy google glass when it becomes available, it will be google this, google that.

You need to have all of the services at least for the time being if you're going to buy glass.

This is a google product.

Has this gone from a side project to essential part of the strategy to unify the consumer base?

That is not clear yet.

We are so early in the stage here.

Glass has got to prove itself.

That said, is that fully one of those things that google can use to say, hey we are a cool company.

Look at all of the cool stuff that we can sell now.

I don't think it essential but it is definitely a key part.

You talk to wall street analysts.

When they look at this business, all of this does not matter.

What did analysts say?

I think there is some excitement that they are doing interesting things.

Just so rarely.

This is tiny.

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