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April 11 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “The Roundup,” Graham Fisher Managing Director Josh Rosner and Bloomberg’s Trish Regan, Matt Miller, Eric Chemi and Julie Hyman wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Information comes forward, we will bring it to you.

Let's move to our roundup, the stories we are talking ahead of monday's open.

It's a full house, guys.

It's a full house.

I think i am actually starting.

You are kicking it off?

I am kicking off.

While everyone tries to guess what putin is up to, it seems that nato might have an idea.

A just-released satellite videos of what it claims are russian forces along the ukraine border.

These pictures were taken late last month.

Nato's top military commander in europe said american troops could resent to allied nations feeling threatened by russia.

This is, of course, basically adding to all the concerns we have seen thus far.

We now get satellite pictures and know he is lining up troops along that ukraine border.

I have read as many as 40,000. it's natural that people start to worry a little bit.

How about this company digitalglobe?

Instead of the government passing around classified documents, this is a publicly traded company worth about $2 billion.

Most of their sales go to the u.s. government, so they stead, "instead of us giving classified pictures to these foreign governments, we are going to take these commercial photos here code it's an interesting gray area between the squads i cover them in commercial surveillance operations that are much more easily passed around.

I just think -- clearly tom of they are going to put their troops there, right?

That was when they were finishing the takeover or just about to finalize the takeover of crimea, so they have their troops there.

I don't see why we send troops to other allied countries that feel threatened because what are we going to do?

We are not going to start a ground war with russia, right?

We certainly would not want to do that.

Maybe it just makes you feel more secure, feel a little bit better knowing you have u.s. troops in your backyard.

I feel great right here at home in new york city.

You don't think there's a chance those planes got misplaced their?

Who knows how efficient the soviets are.

Google is making google glass available for one day only to the general public here in the u.s.. sales start at 9:00 a.m. eastern on tax day, make you feel a little bit better about yourself.

If you are in a that was a bunch of money to the government, this is a way to offset that.

Or maybe if you are getting a refund.

If you are getting a refund and have horrible taste -- you are so right.

You have to have horrible taste.

Really and truly.

Could you see me or you or any of us here -- maybe you, eric -- they are doing a deal with ray bans, so they will have some cool frames now.

I think it will be interesting to see if we get some data analysis, how many traffic collisions happen after all these people get their google glass.

Or how many people get punched in the face.

You never know.

If i walk around with my phone pointing at you, am i taking a picture of you?

Am i videotaping you?

Isn't it just a logical conclusion of where our culture has been going?

Everyone takes a selfie.

The nsa is recording everything we do.

We're on live television right now, but in our private lives, everything we do is monitored, so why not take control of that?

At least someone knows if someone is wearing a google glass in your face thomas you are being recorded.

The satellite we do not know about.

The nsa, we do not know about.

You have to have a little vanity in life.

The minute you put those things on, it's all over.

You got to have a little self-respect.

Let's not forget it costs 1500 bucks to give up that self-respect.

Yesterday, you guys were talking about france.

To get the story straight, they did not actually ban work e-mails after 6:00 p.m. it was more broad than that.

He recently ruled employees could legally work up to 13 hours a day, which is actually pretty dramatic.

Was in it, like, a 35-hour work week?

13 hours a day, but only two days a week.

In response to the ruling, they signed what they called a right of disconnecting, which means an employee can choose to not check work e-mail, for example, during the legally mandated rest period , which already exists in french rules.

Employers can proactively adhere to the agreement by, for example, shutting off access to work e-mail after 6:00 p.m. that's where the confusion stems from.

This was just an example, although some companies that like volkswagen apparently have done this already proactively.

Is this such a bad thing?

Will they still have jobs after they disconnect?

That's the whole thing -- they will have jobs.

This is very specific.

It's about 250,000 people who are not hourly workers, consultants and engineers who get paid by the day.

The issue for people who are not getting paid by the hour -- that's what this is about.

Bottom line, doesn't this once again show us that the french are a little bit healthier when it comes to work ethic?

If you have a middle-class existence, it's nice to have one in france.

This is a nice existence.

I was just over in italy, where it's also a very nice place to be middle-class, and there is a lifestyle.

In turn, you are giving something else up, and that is sort of capitalism at its core.

But we eat horrible food.

We are in awful shape.

We worked all night long, and for what iago the swedes are taking it even a step further.

They announced yesterday that they are trialing a six-hour workday.

That's great.

The problem is it would be great if we really got that free market capitalist trade off, but we don't. we are still paying half of our income in taxes.

We have the highest corporate taxes in the world.

Higher than france.

Good to see you, eric.

Thanks for joining us.

Wait, no, before we go, do we have time for the hillary clinton story?

Why am i rushing.

This is fascinating.

Did you guys see this?

Hillary clinton has taken her share of shots over the years, but the former secretary of state has never had a shoe thrown at her -- that we know what.

It happened in vegas where clinton was giving a speech.

The shoe missed, and the woman suspected of throwing it is now in federal custody.

The secret service says she will face criminal charges.

Clinton saying, "thank goodness she did not play softball like i did.

Oh leaping to the side.

I like that this person brought an extra shoe.

This was not one of the two shoes she was wearing at the time.

This was a third shoe.

I am impressed.

If that had happened to me, you would have seen a look of sheer

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