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Sept. 2 (Bloomberg) -- On today’s “The Roundup,” Bloomberg's Trish Regan, Leslie Picker, Eric Chemi and Max Abelson wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

It's time for the roundup.

Tracking some of the top stories here that investors are talking about.

Eric, good to see you.

There is a report that russian president vladimir putin allegedly told the european commission president barroso that he could take kiev in two weeks.

The paper says the kremlin did not deny the remarks but said putin thought the call was private.

Someone eavesdropping on his phone calls, not just angela merkel.

What are supposed to say about it at this point?

It's clearly just war that's going on in every stop along the way is just another.

What's going to happen?

Are we going to look back a year from now and look at all of the different chapters.

If he invade ukraine and takes over ukraine.

What's next?

Are we back to what we saw in the earliest part of the 20th century or want?

We look at oil production in kuwait, they stopped and ukraine is 53 on the oil production list.

This gives you one example for why they're basically just letting it happen.

I did speak to former nsa to rector general keith alexander the last hour about what is happening in ukraine.

-- former nsa director for general keith alexander.

He said this is the right time to draft a coalition response.

He said it's critical.

This is one where we have to have firmly with us our nato allies and the rest of the european union.

What the president is doing trying to build a coalition send a stronger message than making it just the u.s. versus russia.

It has to have germany, france, the united kingdom, and others as staunch allies in ensuring that russia does not go into eastern ukraine.

Can we actually be in a position where we do see europe doing enough?

What is it that europe is willing to do?

Will they take the lead in this?

We've already seen crimea get annexed.

They've gotten the message that it's ok and no one is stopping us so we will keep pushing.

Where do we see that coming?

A lot of people are worried about it.

I was talking to someone from poland and she said she is concerned because they are so reliant on russia for natural gas.

The entire region very much in a position where they are worried right now.

Turning to another story we watching, former house majority leader eric cantor landing a job at an investment bank.

He will be paid $3.4 million for his time, more than his tea party candidate spent to unseat him.

The company will pay for him to live in "a reasonable new york apartment." that's a big deal.

If they are going to pay for his housing.

It's interesting to find out what they think reasonable is.

We will have to compare it to your apartment.

Is it more?

$3.4 million, that is 17 years of income at what he was making at the house.

If you can get that kind of money, you've got to take it.

It's not even that much on wall street standards.

There was a fight in the newsroom today because i thought it was so shocking he would go to an investment bank to get on that money.

That's not really a pension.

He could have done better.

They just had an ipo and it is a young upstart.

There must be something in the air.

"street smart -- big banks have so much scrutiny.

It's hard to take those on the scrutiny side.

They do not get that kind of negative pr.

For him, three and a half million dollars is a lot for a politician.

It's a three-year deal so it's roughly one and change?

For the average american, that's more than they will make in their life.

You have to wonder what he's being paid for.

He is not a banker.

It's the relationship.

Is going to be working washington for them.

I guess that's valuable.

Former ceo of countrywide financial, they may be the worst acquisition of all time causing bank of america some $65 billion yet an exclusive interview with max able to and right here on said, he said he did nothing wrong.

He was serious when i brought up the possibility that he was a villain let alone one of the major villains of the crisis.

He talked movingly during the interview.

He sees himself as a hero.

Countrywide was helping fulfill the american dream of homeownership.

The government as we reported filed civil suit against him.

It's almost like you could not wrap his mind around it that people are so angry at him.

It's a great story and goes to just the hubris.

He's the example of a great ceo of the bubble but he still thinks that he did nothing wrong.

Despite the lax underwriting standards and the predatory lending, he thinks he the victim of people going after him.

It's great reporting you could get that out of him.

I grew up in simi valley where countrywide was the largest employer of anybody there.

I remember trying to get a summer internship.

I'm going to m.i.t. and i want to work here.

They asked if it was like devry.

They turned you down?

I was not surprised when they blew up years later.

He took great offense that.

But yourself in my shoes.

I knew about this growing and.

On the son of a bronx butcher.

I did what everyone wanted me to do.

We're supposed to be giving mortgages to homeowners.

He would be offended you to hear him describe his company that way.

I'm not saying it's right or wrong.

You had congress pushing for more and more people to be able to get access to lending.

That's true.

He sees the government as the great villain.

He would say we operated within the rules of the game.

He was really specific about that.

He clearly sees the government as a bad guy.

Great interview and a great piece.

Alibaba is hosting the start of investor meetings for its initial public offerings to answer questions posed by the sec.

The chinese e-commerce giant was weighing a plan to market its ipo early this week.

How should we take this news?

I know you've done a lot of reporting on alibaba.

Sources were telling me they were expecting to receive the final batch of comments from the sec and depending on the information that they were soliciting durning -- and during it would depend on whether they could start today or tomorrow for the roadshow as we had earlier reported worth they would have to post pone by weekend looks like the comments came back in an extensive form that they needed the entire form -- the entire week to get it together so we should start to see some traction by next week.

They had an ipo for their old website,

That is the value of the ipo now after losing market cap.

They're trying to top out the high markets.

It's interesting timing in the sense they've done this before with great success to investor parol.

Will that happen again?

Facebook was available to her average investor out there.

Will alibaba do anything similar?

Your retail investor.

Even hedge funds and private equity firms looking to get allocations in this deal have been sort of shot out.

They are targeting marquee investors, fidelity, t. rowe price, the top tier names that you like to see in every ipo.

Those are the guys they're going after and hope to sell.

Relative the size of the company, it could be a pretty small float.

If you can offer a big mutual fund -- look to the final valuation on this thing be when it goes out?

Latest earnings valued stock-based compensation about $139 billion.

Which is conservative.

If you are an employee and you look at that and it comes at a lower valuation you will be pretty upset.

180 billion dollars is around what they are expecting.

Apparently we all need to start taking some acting classes.

Google glass app can analyze facial expressions and can tell you what the person in front of you is actually feeling according to the daily dot.

For those of us not able to read people's emotions, it will be really helpful.

It will be great for reporting to know what people are thinking and analyze facial expressions.

Google glass makes it accessible because it's small and everyone can put it on their own bodies but this kind of geometric facial analysis has existed.

Is it accurate?

If you have a really well-defined shape, this is all computer science that's been going on for 20 years.

They use it to find for example, the boston marathon bombers and rank the most likely faces actually the suspect.

It's the same technology just now available to the masses.

So it's kind of like a mood ring.

Thank you.

Good to have you here.

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