Google: Getting Better With Age?

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Sept. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Evercore Partners' Ken Sena, Trading Advantage's Scott Bauer and Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman discuss the outlook for Google with Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

I heard you mention ping- ponging.

We used to play ping-pong in the garage of the house when they were renting.

All of those crazy things people talk about when they talk about google, those are the ways they do it.

They are estimated to generate $55 billion in revenue.

That comes from being able to move quickly with the resources that google has got in areas that are hard to tackle.

Google has been willing to do that in the past and the acquisition strategy, you do not know where something is going to go, but it could hit in a great way.

Android is a great example of that.

There is a lot of magic when you start talking about google.

Earnings are supposed to be up this year about nine percent.

10% does not get my attention.

Right now, you are looking at a lot of investment areas for google.

As you continue to see scale, you will see some of the economics move into eagles favor.

-- google's favor.

Cost per click, which is what advertisers pay to advertise through google, those numbers are going down.

What do you make of that trend?

You are starting to see that reversed somewhat.

When you look at some of the changes google has made, it is rolling down some of that negative shift.

Some of the lower conversions you have been seeing.

Stay tuned on that.

John was talking about deploying cash.

They have plenty of it.

It works to about $60 billion.

Right now, they are sitting tight on a lot of areas where they could be making big investments.

When you look at some of the projects they are pursuing, there is the potential for google to pull a trigger on a bigger acquisition.

Any ideas?

I would not speculate.

I think they see their cash holding a strategic.

Talking strategic, let's talk strategy with scott bauer.

It sounds like this company has a reasonably enthusiastic crew.

I totally agree.

I'm a technical standpoint, -- from a technical standpoint, it has been up from there in a month.

Over the last couple of years on earnings, it has been up within two weeks after the earnings report.

What i am looking at, we have that area of 870, we have 830 below, i will sell the november 830 put.

The stock has turned it back up.

Even as this.

Get hit pretty hard, i want to be in google at that 200 day moving average.

My effective price is 825. i am good with that.

You are selling 25 versus historic.

You option guys are tricky characters.

Your target on the stock?

1050. we are overweight rated.

Thank you for being here.

Stay with us.

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