Google Expands Tech Depth in $4.2B Buying Spree

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July 28 (Bloomberg) -- Steven Levy, author of “In The Plex,” and Michael Shaoul, chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Marketfield Asset Management, examine Google’s buying spree and what the companies they’ve purchased say about their strategy going forward. They speak on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”


They're getting into so many different areas.

They're getting into driverless cars, drones.

What is the glue that is holding all these businesses together?

It is the google in the cloud.

The smart google that exists that we can access on any device seamlessly.

One of the things that i introduced was the tools were doing something on your phone -- then you move to your computer.

You still carry it on seamlessly there.

People talk about -- much of that money was to buy next.

That is the internet of things, smart home company.

Those people thought that apple would buy that.

The ceo was the one who invented the ipod.

The other investment was a company for artificial intelligence and deep learning.

With in your expertise, is this very successful people with humongous cash flow?

Or is there an overarching strategy?

There is dalliance around the edges.

They are not going to draw a firm line between whimsical, which may be the next big business.

The key is that it is an a.i. company that makes big bets on what we know are improvements of technology on a non-linear basis.

It enables companies like google to do the impossible.

Help me understand how to think about google.

I understand amazon wants to sell me everything.

What is google?

Do everything, be everything.

What is it?

The core is search and artificial intelligence.

They do everything for you by using massive amounts of information that they can clearly store.

They know a lot about you.

And they serve all of your needs by making use of that information.

And they enable you to do the same thing they want to do -- same thing they do magically insert, they want to do for the rest of your life.

Michael, how do you perceive google?

Intel, or like apple, or is it a beast on its own?

I think it always has been its own, even when it was fiber.

You talked about amazon.

Amazon itself has its own -- they are buying drones.

Google looks at itself as a financial powerhouse with a lot of luxury stocks on top of it.

Some may be affordable.

It is almost like an investment fund.

They do have a huge venture firm.

Google was a star last week because of their core business.

Not artificial intelligence.

Search was up 22% year-over-year.

Maybe they should stick with that.

Look at microsoft.

They are a cash cow strategy.

They're still making money.

People are not betting on an mende.

-- m&a. they are not mentioned in the same breath with google and amazon.

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