Google Drives Connected Cars Into Fast Lane

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Jan. 6 (Bloomberg) –- RBC Capital Managing Director Mark Mahaney discusses Google’s automotive partnership with the world’s biggest automakers in which they want to put Android in your car. He speaks to Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” Mahaney owns no stock in Google. (Source: Bloomberg)


This is a real battleground.

Are you concerned about liability?

What is the endgame?

It is to become the utility for your life.

They are are your online utility.

The one single thing that you could not live without on the internet.

Now they are trying to put that feature on your glasses and in your car were you spend your time.

You cannot do searches when you do not have a desktop with you or your mobile phone but you have your car with you, now you can if it is integrated into the car.

Just the information they are trying to build around maps.

They made not -- they may not be able to monetize a map.

You will use them for the other functions.

The founder said this is not being announced at ces.

It is not apple . what is your take on that?

The cars is -- car is unclaimed territory.

The big missing link in wearable devices and in integrated cars i think is was recognition.

It is pretty clear that the company with the best voice recognition, voice context technology is google.

I would take some exception to what his comments were.

He is very capable.

The google glass is very klugey.

It will be in your car.

It will be tailored to your voice.

Not just anybody's voice.

Samsung relies on the android operating system.

It seems like they are focused on the connected home and not the connected car.

Is that a mistake?

I do not know.

This internet of things, we will be connected with all the things that internet offers us.

Information, the ability to perform basic functions, anything that saves us time.

I do not know why samsung would not be part of this ecosystem.

In that environment where it is the internet connection that matters more, the importance of devices kind of falls a little bit.

You will need devices so they will become commoditized.

That is a ten-year trend.

What about driverless cars?

I saw a video of you in one of those.

Is still not on the road.

They have already gone over 100,000 miles of driverless driving into states, nevada and california.

I do not know.

When this will begin is hard to know.

It is one of those odd things, one of those experiments that google does.

I do not -- if it becomes utility they will find a way to monetize it.

Thanks for joining us today here on "bloomberg west."

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