Google Dominates Battle for Mobile Advertising

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Oct. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Manus Cranny reports on Google’s domination of mobile advertising and explains their winning strategy of volume over pricing. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.”


The number of page clicks jumped dirty six percent.

This is pretty impressive.

-- 36%. this is pretty impressive.

I am going to show you three images.

Have a look at larry page, marissa mayer, and the turnaround story that is facebook.

As an advertiser, when i had to buy in these various places, i said, where am i going to get the best return, and google dominated when you look at revenue numbers.

Internationally, nearly $8 billion.

The issue is traditionally you buy inventory on your pc.

Larry page has introduced a new product.

You have to buy inventory on the desktop and mobile, but here is the issue.

When you go on mobile you get 40% cheaper.

It hasn't been tested.

They are pumping up the volume but down on price.

That is the real challenge.

They are absolutely trashing it in terms of volume.

Up 26% in terms of actual volume of his miss.

-- up business.

Anything we should the concerned about?

Motorola has a little boost in the numbers.

Capital expenditure.

I find this interesting.

They spent $2.3 billion in the third quarter, so in the background larry page is spending, spending quite considerably.

The margins are the lowest so far this year.

The headlines are phenomenal.

Just have a look at the margins, just have a look at what is going on.

Facebook has fixed the mobile issue.

Let's just have a look at the performance.


Is up, but what are you buying?

You are buying alley bob of the curiously.

-- alibaba vicariously.

That is not bad.

Melissa meyer is something people are actually buying.

You are buying the ceo.

The challenger is facebook and twitter, or is it?

Put those together, and one shouldn't rest on one's laurels.

We have seen that happen a few

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