Chromecast: Google Gadget Takes On Apple TV

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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg's Jon Erlichman reports on Google's latest moves to compete with Apple TV. He speaks to Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Google is keeping apple on its toes with this.

This is one of those times i like to say well played, well played, google.

At a time we are talking about apple and their role in the future of television, google has been making interesting moves, may be based on some of its early forays into television.

They have google fiber, so they are trying to wire your home.

We were talking about the possibility of a pay-tv service.

At $35 , when you throw in the three months of netflix they are providing, it's almost like they are giving it away.

It's another way for google to get in front of your face wherever they are.

Here is more on why google is doing this.

There is an explosion in the consumption of online video, and phones and tablets.

But online video has not really arrived with the same type of scale on tv.

We felt like it was important for us to find the easiest way to bring the online video you are consuming on these devices and consumption is growing exponentially, to your television.

How does it strike you that we see netflix as a key partner with google on this?

On one level, i find it really interesting.

When you think about one of the companies netflix was close to , reed hastings and mark zuckerberg are good buddies, but on so many levels, this makes a lot of sense for netflix, which is riding high with its recent at me nominations.

Netflix does not care about which hardware you are using to get it nervous.

Day one a lot of subscribers.

I will say that on the content side, while it is great for google to have netflix, they probably have to price this device at a lower level just because the content offerings that roque who and apple tv have been working on are a lot more extensive.

-- that roku and apple television have been working on are a lot more extensive.

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