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July 4 (Bloomberg) -- Google’s decision to remove some search results to a British Broadcasting Corp. 2007 article about Merrill Lynch has drawn criticism from the U.K. state-funded media company. Rosalind Chin explains on "On The Move Asia." (Source: Bloomberg)


It follows an eu ruling allowing members of the public to request that data be deleted.

This particular case is actually about an article wrote back in 2007. it talked about stanley o'neill, the former ceo of merrill lynch and how he was forced out.

It was on the brink of collapsed.

During the financial crisis.

He received a message from google saying that a certain link to his article has been removed.

He doesn't know whether it was requested by o'neill.

He claims he knows nothing about it.

A later blog entry talks about the removal of these links.

It suggests that it could be a member of the public or somebody who made a comment about the original article.

The question here is, is it freedom of information that we are concerned about or privacy?

The eu law is protecting individual's privacy.

It says individuals have the right to ask them to remove links with personal information.

It is a fine line.

You could argue that the article was in the public interest to know about what happened.

It is not just the bbc.

The guardian also has some links removed for articles that were published as well.

It is a headache for google.

Google said it was disappointed with the ruling.

Something like 70,000 requests have been made to remove links to search results.

It is going to have to go through all of them and decide which ones to keep.

Seeing as the ruling is quite recent -- it is a big headache for them

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