Google at 15: Hiring Marissa Mayer, Employee #20

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Sept. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Heather Cairns, Google’s fourth employee and Ben Legg, CEO at Adknowledge and former COO of Google Europe recall the hiring of Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer as Google’s 20th employee, the company’s policy on dating between employees and what threat, if any, Facebook poses to Google. They speak on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

Number four, she hired the company's first 200 employees.

Of those first employees, so many people went on to bigger and better things, people like marissa mayer, now the ceo of yahoo!, she was employee number 20. i would love to hear the story there in terms of her hiring and how that happened.

Actually, she was an intern first.

I believe she with a masters student at stanford, and probably also one of the early females.

I was the only female for about six or so months, so it was really lovely to have more female company.

What was it that you guys saw in marissa?

What was she like other young masters students, and why did you think she had the potential to be someone great at google?

Well, marissa was clearly brilliant, she really did stand out.

I pretty much did hr screening of the employees, and i was not able to ask the engineering questions, but i do remember she was top shelf.

She was terrific in every way.

And you, i understand, also set google's early hr policies, the dating policy, some of those policies still stand today.

We know a lot, we have heard a lot of dating goes on at google.

Tell us about the policy and how it works.

Well, this is 15 years ago, but i did write a policy regarding dating, and that is if employees became a couple, then we left it to the couple to decide who would transfer or leave the company.

That was the policy.

I have to ask you this question because obviously we have been covering reports that the cofounder surrogate brain -- sergeiy brin has had an affair with someone else at google.

What is your take on this and whether something like that should be allowed and how it should be handled.

I feel pretty removed from the situation, so i do not have much to add about it.

I do not know much about it.

All right, ben, i want to get to you and talk about the advertising side of things as you now run your own advertising company, you help companies target ads on different web companies like facebook and twitter.

How big a threat today is facebook to google?

I do not think it is a big threat.

First of all, they are very different companies, so if you think about why people go to facebook, very often it is because they are bored and they want to see what their friends and family are doing.

So the main people advertising on facebook are the big brands who want to sort of raise awareness of what they do, and game companies because they want to entertain bored people.

Where people go to google to find something, often because they want to buy it.

It is very different from both the press -- consumer perspective and a sort of advertiser, budget perspective.

For most advertisers network with google and facebook, they will not switch money from one to the other.

They will spend money on both.

The question is asked, are google's better days behind it or are they still ahead, what do you think, ben?

I think behind and ahead.

I have been very impressed have google has managed to keep in it -- innovating, and i've been in touch with many friends at google, and some of complained that they have big-company bureaucracy, but compared to other big companies, google is innovating like crazy.

Driverless cars, google fiber, will glass, even things like android is a phenomenal success.

They really do seem to keep knocking on more than one home run.

All right, thenben legg, former

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