Google Tries New Same-Day Delivery to Target Amazon

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May 6 (Bloomberg) -- Google announced it is expanding its same-day deliveries, following Amazon's increased development of a similar service. Cristina Alesci reports on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)


How exactly will they work on them?

Class one is diversification and most of it is revenue and advertisement.

Anything they can do to diversify is a good thing.

Imagine one day being able to blend advertising with one click since all on google platforms.

That is not what this is yet, but you can see how the piece of the puzzle fit together.

Google has people inside stores much the same way and him -- amazon has pickers inside their houses that basically go shopping for a number of people that make the order.

It then gets centralized to one hub and then gets delivered by neighborhood.

Google has people stand -- standing by waiting in stores?

It hopes to have on its application at some point because a lot of the labor they say vital.

They can use them to pick orders for online delivery.

Now, it is google employees.

Class how big of a threat will this be for amazon?

Same-day delivery is becoming a clouded market.

Amazon will have dominance way comes to comments here.

We're talking about same-day delivery.

Amazon launched same-day delivery in 2009 and have been toying with the model ever since.

It has not caught on.

There is room for the competitor to come out and challenge amazon in the same-day delivery market.

Class how does amazon get to do it?

It -- it works different.

It is not as widespread and it could be more expensive.

Amazon just introduced is quite high, versus google, they have not announced its membership fee but it will be competitive to amazon.

There is a browser that wants to get into the game.

Everybody is trying to do it differently.

One thing that is very different about the way google is going about this is there partnering with retailers.

They're making a commission off of the retailers.

Amazon has to buy the merchandise directly from the manufacturer, whereas google is taking a cut of the profits.

It has a little bit of a little bit of the business model.

Very interesting.

Elon musk is in a heated race to

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