Goodbye Orient-Express, Hello Belmond!

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March 3 (Bloomberg) -- Orient-Express Hotels President and CEO John Scott discusses the companies rebranding campaign on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Tell us about the name change.

Why make the change and what are the limitations of's associated with a rail excursion?

It was about what is the right thing to do with the company.

I have been the ceo for a year now i traveled around to our great properties around the world and what resonated is that the individual property brands were very well recognized.

You mentioned the 21 club and the copacabana, people know those properties but they don't know that they were part of something bigger.

The opportunity is really to connect the dots.

We want to make it easier for our guests to visit or the just one property, multiple properties in the crease more value for our company.

So much about luxury travel is centered about offering an experience.

Orient express is a specific experience.

What do you want the name belmont to e volk?

-- evoke.

We want to celebrate those names.

We are not a chain luxury company.

We are an experienced travel companies so we will celebrate the individual names.

We are going to add belmond.

It means beautiful world and it will be the way to experience all those properties.

It will be a connector.

It's not meant to detract the individual properties.

You were with rosewood before this.

I had a beverage of my choice at the carlyle hotel.

Is that what you will do over here?

We made that connection a little more obvious.

Rosewood was about celebrating individual names and that's what we will be at belmond.

We will celebrate the individual names.

People are not looking for a one-size-fits-all approach.

How important is it for those kinds of consumers to have mileage low royalty programs -- loyalty programs?

That's a great question.

I think it is even offering.

-- i think it is evolving.

I think less about points and more about recognizing -- when i walk into sunset tower and they say welcome home, i love that place.

I get no mileage there whatsoever but they will never get me out of there.

It is that and making sure -- for example, in your minibar, if you had the things you want it was free as opposed to you have all the junk -- it's about customization and knowing what you want and making sure we

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