Goldman Seen as Big Winner in Prize Twitter IPO

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Sept. 13 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Editor-At-Large Cory Johnson reports that Goldman Sachs has scored a coup by landing the lead role in the Twitter IPO after a long pursuit of the company. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers."

Matter tell us goldman sachs has won the coveted role of the underwriter for it twitter's ipo.

They did not give the nod from facebook last year.

Cory johnson is at twitter headquarters in san francisco.

After the facebook ipo debacle last year and that underwriting was led by morgan stanley, goldman was beating down the door at twitter saying give us this chance.

It is a multiyear process.

There was a big bulls eye on twitter.

Bankers have been circling this company for years trying to get ready for this ipo, trying to get this business for the ipo.

The global head of technology is the guy who is doing a technology over getting the goldman sacks deal.

Anthony neto was a widely followed internet analyst.

He left to become the cfo of the nfl.

They have been after this deal for a long time.

This is a feather in their cap to get this deal.

They will be excited to be offering this.

Morgan stanley took a big cut in fees to get the facebook deal.

We do not know what twitter got in terms of concessions.

We might see some of that when we see the documents from the filing.

Morgan stanley has ranked number one or number two in equity underwriting globally.

It is one of morgan stanley's greatest franchises.

The facebook ipo might have been a turning point.

We are looking at the firm's have underwritten tech ipo's since the crash in 2000. if you go back to the facebook ipo, goldman sachs has more lead underwriting mandates in that 16-17 month.

. period.

Who gets the deal is the wall street side of this story.

What happens with the business is it is largely unaffected.

The facebook deal changed things a little bit.

You saw that a powerful, smart company could change investment banking rules in only the way ruble has done before.

-- google has done before.

We will see what happens with goldman and who else is on the deal.

One of the seismic changes in the investment banking world happened after -- the dot com bubble.

All of those firms are gone.

They used to do smaller investment banking deals for technology companies.

We will see of twitter puts them on on this deal.

Thanks and good to see you.

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