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Dec. 18 (Bloomberg) – Duke Energy CEO Lynn Good discusses energy demand and growth opportunities with Alix Steel on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

First female chief executive.

I want to bring you another.

Lynn good, she is the first female executive of duke energy.

Alix steel caught up with her at the nyse and asked her how things are different with her running the company.

Coal has been under attack.

Environmental regulations have made it a challenge.

I think it will be a part of our makes.

We have continued to invest in coal and there will be more gas in the portfolio.

What you envision that to come out to be?

Are you looking for 30%-30%? it will be a third coal, a third gas, a third nuclear.

But the biggest issues that a utility company faces is a lack of demand.

What are you going to do to continue to grow earnings?

Demand is flat, basically.

Really being driven by a sluggish economy, energy efficiency.

It puts the onus on us to continue to focus on controlling our costs.

We continue to have great opportunities to invest to the benefit of our customers.

Those will be the opportunities that will drive over time.

Would you be looking specifically into natural gas resources?

And and day for duke has been businesses.

We have looked for inner prices.

With can make sense from time to time but we would be looking at ways to add to the business portfolio itself.

10% come from overseas, like a hydro plant in brazil.

Do you consider the score this is is or is this an asset that you can realize and spin off in value?

This has added to our growth portfolio over time and we would see it continuing to do so.

We operate in brazil, chile, and in peru.

A very important market.

What you keep them?

They are part of the business.

The question is always interesting.

There is something that we have as part of our portfolio that has been important to growth and if we continue to grow the is ms.

And produce cash flow, -- grow the business and produce cash flow, that will be good.

The federal reserve kept rates low for an extended time.

What do you do now?

Rising interest rates will have an impact on our stock valuation.

We trade in the dividend, but our sonnet would be to make duke a very strong value proposition.

I think that will drive a lot of value for shareholders.

How do you drive the business to continually entice investors?

A combination of growth and dividend, that delivers about 10% total shareholder return.

Is this bigger down the road?

We have been growing this had two percent.

We take the opportunity to grow the dividend exists.

You are in this tough spot between trying to grow earnings and entice investors, what would be more important?

For duke, stock buyback have not historically been a big part of the formula, we have delivered earnings growth and dividends.

You were one of the first utility executives to say that the slow sales growth would be normal.

Part of that has been about cost cutting.

How much further do you have to go in that arena?

We have a great opportunity to drive efficiency out of our business and we think that we can have opportunities to do that.

We recently announced that we have saved around 9% of our overall operating expenses and we will keep going to continue

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