Oracle Leads High-Speed Hi-Tech on the Open Seas

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July 1 (Bloomberg) -- Oracle Team USA Helmsman James Spithill and America's Cup Event Authority CEO discuss Oracle CEO Larry Ellison's "America's Cup" vison on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart. (Source: Bloomberg)

It is the super bowl of sailing and now is getting a total makeover.

As the champion, the -- he gets to set the rules of this year's competition.

That is like the power of the purse.

The three goals are faster, bigger, and closer to home.

Oracle team usa is with us.

The helmsman . i understand it bigger and closer to home.

The tricky part, how do you make it go faster?

That is something we're trying to do right now.

They are 50 mi.

Per hour on the water.

50 mi.

Per hour on wind?

On the wind, and they can do twice the speed.

They are so efficient.

There hydra filing.

It collects and that helps to create more speed.

-- and that helps to create more speed.

Yes, they are incredibly efficient . it is the latest thing in america's cup racing.

You have been named in the italian press.

New name is james spithall and they call you james pit bull.

What is it like to drive this thing?

It is incredibly rewarding and demanding.

Especially on the san francisco bay, the ultimate battleground for us.


Because it is always changing.

It is incredibly winning, the currents are difficult.

There is the apogee and you have alcatraz.

-- there is the fog and you have alcatraz.

The san francisco bay is the ultimate.

And it is your job to lecture people are fired up.

And you can do that.

It is no law or 20 mi.


Thousands of people lined the shore last year in our pre event and we expect the same thing this year.

And there is a 9000 persons stadium in effect?

Yes, we got a 9000 seat pavilion, a temporary one calls sold out.

It promises to be very exciting for the summer.

I grew up with sailing for fish, all eight and a half feet of her.

What have you been doing to get people excited?

We have been putting graphics on top of live pictures.

A genuine sports person can understand it.

Take away the board and out with the board on top of it.

That is what we have been able to do with graphics.

And then bring the sailing right in close to shore and suddenly you have an amphitheater like a football stadium.

You can hear people cheering and chanting.

They can almost hear the sailors.

What does it cost to build one of these?

It is about 8 million american dollars.

Correct and there have been concerned about the safety of the vote as well -- and there have been concerns about the safety of the vote -- the be oat as well.

How do you balance safety with speed?

It is very typical to -- very difficult to do.

We have been learning all the time on these boats.

You can never eliminate the risk to capsize, but you can make it far less likely that will happen.

Sadly, we lost a member of the sport a couple of months ago, actually.

And you're now wearing helmets.

One of the helmsman of a swedish vote was dropped and there and he drowned.

It was such a tight knit community.

He was one of the best sailors.

After the strategy and -- this tragedy, there were safety recommendations from the commission.

The teams are all cooperating.

We have harnesses, helmets, communications systems.

It is not what people think when they think of it.

It is a cross between a motocross writer and an nfl linebacker.

It really is.

You change the rules with these new boats.

What is it like to be an aussie and competing against your countrymen on an american team?

It is fantastic.


San francisco is 8 great city.

Get behind it home teams.

-- is a great city.

It gets behind its home teams.

For me personally, i wanted to be part of the city.

I loved it.

Does larry spend much time on the boat?

He is a competitor.

He loves competing.

He is a good sailor.

Give us the lay of the land of the next two weeks.

Will be opening on friday.

Friday's the first race, the time trial.

And then on sunday, will have the first series to find a challenger that will take on the american team in the final in september.

Who are you most worried about?

It is a tough call.

The australians have been the strongest in a decade.

But the italian team has a lot of history.

The swedish team bouncing back for -- from the tragedy.

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