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Feb. 3 (Bloomberg) –- Discovery Channel’s “Gold Rush” Executive Producer Christo Doyle and Bloomberg’s Emma Rosenblum discuss the Gold Mining programming on the Discovery Channel and why they’re striking gold in the ratings. They speak to Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television’s “Taking Stock.” (Source: Bloomberg)

All right, these are programs about gold mining?


On the discovery channel.

They have three current shows on gold mining.

There is "old rush," another one, and there is a scripted show called " -- "klondike." if you tuned into "gold rush," what would you see?

I think you would see a group of men doing something extraordinary.

They were a group of people who were down on their luck, and they decided to get their hands dirty and strike it rich on their own.

It would appeal to pretty much any man out there.

Can you tell us about the characters?


The head of the show, we have todd hoffman, down on his luck guy from oregon.

He and a bunch of guys who lost their jobs decided they would go out and realized his father's dream of mining alaska.

For the past four seasons, they have been trying to find the best ground they can, trying to strike it rich.

We have a young 19-year-old kid who comes from a long history of gold mining.

He headed up to the klondike, to the legendary dawson city to strike it rich, and then we have a father-son team called note -- called the dakota boys.

They are looking for literally the mother load, a big pocket of gold that they believe is buried at the bottom of an ancient waterfall.

These guys are doing what a lot of us, myself included, whether you are a traitor on a desk or real estate agent or working behind the cube goal -- cubicle, they're doing something that is literally an adventure and in the process they might get rich.

This really appeals to the entrepreneurial spirit of these guys.

My husband watches all of the shows.

They go into their office, and they can quit, and you can say, i'm going to go and dig gold.

And no one really does that, but these guys are doing it, right?

There is the little boy and all of us for 13 straight weeks, it is the number one show on cable tv.

It often beats the networks.

It strikes a chord and all men.

This is something that we did playing as boys.

This show also appeals to -- all of our gold shows our family events.

It is aspirational, inspirational.

It is a great show for families to sit down and watch together.

Are you a gold bug?

Do you invest in gold?

I do not.

It but i do pay very close attention to the price of gold, as you can imagine.

It affects the value of what our guys' take is at the end of the season.

I do have gold fever.

If you have been up on these gold mines with these guys, you see the gold coming out of the ground.

Having said that, are any of these guys trained geologist?

This is a highly sophisticated mining operation, and typically it is done not necessarily by panning for gold, but using scientific technology and geological extraction methods.

This is not for someone hammering away with a pick ax.

Simply queue would think there would be a lot more science into it than there actually is.

They do approach it scientifically.

They do test drill holes.

There is a lot of guesswork.

If it were easy, we would all be doing it.

These guys do drill.

They get down to bedrock.

They are finding gold on the bed rock levels.

20, 30 feet underground in the yukon.

There is a certain amount of science to it.

You have to move a lot of dirt these days to get to the gold.

Tell us about "klondike." discovery, we have just did our toes into scripted for the first time.

We felt going b goldberg was a safe way to go.

We definitely own gold programming.

We thought it would be great to tell the original story of the original gold rush in 1897, 1898. what we ended up with was six hours of, what i think is, award-winning television.

Have you found that there has been any increase investing in gold because of these programs?

I don't think so.

I do not think that is the point of them.

They do appeal to that macho fantasy of going and finding your fortune without having to craft your resume.

And building on the success of these real-life shows, they are scripted.

It got major ratings on monday night, which it has not done before.

Well, i guess you have to go

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