GoPro CEO in October: IPO Luxury, Not Necessity

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Oct. 1 (Bloomberg) -- GoPro Founder and CEO Nicholas Woodman discusses the company's new Hero 3+ camera with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Of the world's best-selling compact camera.

This is the plus, 20% lighter and smaller than the previous camera, better battery life, a bunch of new modes and features that make it easier to use.

We have taken the best of gopro and made it better.

How much does it cost?

It starts at 100 $99, 200 $99, and $399. i always like to say that we are so successful because we are just developing products for ourselves.

You are a big action sports guy yourself.

Yes, and now i am a family guy, so i am thinking about new uses for the product, accessories that make it easier for people to film themselves, not just when they are surfing or skiing or involved in sport, but also filming their families.

I have a one-year-old who just started walking over the weekend.


Should i be using this?


The personal content with your family is some of the most important content you can capture.

I was at the beach with my family and created a video that you cannot even call a home video because it looks like it was professionally shot.

It was just me and my family at the beach with my hero+, and then i edited it at home.

Using our edit templates that we provide for free, i created a video that looks like it was professionally produced.

I know you said you are not afraid of google glass, but your pitch is similar to what they say.

I can take pictures and videos with my kid, i do not need to look away, i can capture all of these moments.

You have to be looking at the competition.

Glass is terrific for capturing this perspective, what you are looking at, but take your one-year-old for example.

As soon as he starts moving around a bit more, do you want to be down on the ground filming like this, or do you want to be able to hold your gopro and walk around like this and film as they move around the house?

If you look at the videos that i captured this weekend, you will see, none of them are from this perspective of me looking at you.

They are from perspectives that make for great content other than just your own personal perspective.

Tell me about the business.

You are profitable, you brought in more than $520 million last year.

What are the numbers looking like this year?

Very good.

We have grown by at least two times year-over-year.

More than a billion dollars this year?

Business is good.

[laughter] i will say we are keeping intern with the success we have had.

You are profitable, making more money than ever before, people ask you about going public.

The markets are looking good.

Twitter recently filed for an ipo.

When will you go out?

As i have said before, we are getting the company prepared, because it is prudent and it gives us the opportunity, if we feel it is the strategic move for the company we want to take, but as you mention, we have been profitable since the beginning, so going public is a luxury not a necessity.

We will see how things shape up.

I did not realize foxconn, who makes iphones, is a huge investor in you, an 11% stake?

About eight percent, nine percent.

They invested in you at a 2.5 billion dollar valuation.

How is that partnership working?


I met terry through our lead investor.

His fund riverwood invested almost three years ago.

He is good friends with terry gou.

When terry was out visiting his car -- partner companies in california, he stopped for a visit.

We realized we had a shared vision of the future.

And the rest is history, a fantastic opportunity for gorpropro, who can not only team up with foxconn, who can help engineer our future, but with terry as well.

The gopro ceo about their new

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