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Nov. 29 (Bloomberg) -- Belus Capital Advisors Chief Equities Strategist Brian Sozzi discusses holiday shopping this "Black Friday" on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

The next influx of traffic.

One key theme, thursday, this morning.

The count is just not there.

I am concerned about the size of the bags.

Everybody is only looking at bags, but i am trying to look in the bags because it tells what people are spending.

Are they buying high-priced stuff forgetting the basic door buster deals -- priced stuff or are they getting the basic doorbuster deals?

How do you make money in stocks?

You have to find things that no one is looking for.

Specifically within retail.

Build a bear is a comeback retail from 2013. what are they doing?

They brought in more licensed products.

You get my little pony.

That is really cute.

You take a lot of re-tweetable photos.

It is all about customer experience.

You go in there, you feel appreciated.

You're getting a disney shopping store type experience.

That is what you want to be part of.

That is geared towards people with younger kids.

What about teen retailers?

To see a lot of people shopping for teenagers?

My inner-teen is still shopping.

One of the interesting things i am finding as they are very engaged with how much they are spending.

They are thinking about -- they're talking about how they can spend as little as possible and still look really cool.

H&m, forever 21, doing a great job selling pants for $8. forever 21, h&m, real winners.

Everyone wants to save money.

Everyone wants to save money, even at the expense and being

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