Car Sales: Disappointing Results Across the Board

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Jan. 3 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller recaps December auto sales on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

The board, and not just for detroit but for toyota as well.

Both general motors and toyota saw declines.

Their sales fell month over month.

We have not seen that for a while now.

We have not seen that for a long time, and you know what they are citing?


Cold weather.

I knew it.

I don't understand people who do not understand it is cold in the winter.

It is warm in the summer, cold in the winter.

Think of this there is a little more sarcasm and cynicism here because there was not enough already.

I guess i am just filing on.

Ford missed the estimate, chrysler missed the estimate.

Gm and toyota as well.

They are having record months for certain models.

For example, ford had a record month for the fusion.

The best-selling month for the fusion of all time.

General motors had a record month for the corvette, the best month for the corvette since 2006. the best month of december for corvette since 2006. not a car that typically sells well in december, but the corvette did quite well.

Gm is taking a big reading because it did not miss by a little bit, it missed a.l. i -- -- a big beating because it did not miss by a little bit, it missed by a lot.

What is the first quarter outlook?

How will they recover from this?

I just saw a headline cross said, "german car sales rose for the month of december." everyone following the industry sees that europe is up the most in two decades.

When german car sales rise, and here in the u.s. when we have a healthy and strong auto sales market, we see it drop, that is interesting.

It is one month, though.

The best year for car sales -- do we have the pricing chart?

You can see what gm has done with pricing and what daimlerchrysler has done.

It's representative of the entire industry.

This is to show you that ford -- daimlerchrysler?

Ford and chrysler can keep their prices above industry average, chrysler right at industry average.

If you take a look at the graph, you will see that they go in opposite directions.

Here you see gm in yellow.

Prices climbing, climbing.

Daimlerchrysler the big luxury maker of mercedes, lowering prices significantly.

They also brought out cheaper new models like the a class.

A lot of them are getting into the entry-level market, but my point is german carmakers are lowering their prices across the board.

U.s. carmakers across the board are raising prices, and maybe that will have to change in the coming months because we are looking at so much inventory on the u.s. carmakers right now.

It is seasonally a very slow time.

It is cold outside.

Maybe we will see a reversal, maybe we will see these companies have to come back a little bit on their prices, although they definitely do not want to.

Then maybe people in the

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