GM's OnStar App Lets Drivers Lock Cars Remotely

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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- General Motors Chief Infotainment Officer Philip Abram discusses the company's OnStar app and connected car ideas with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

You are not airing this on television, you are putting it on pandora and youtube.

Why is that?

I think that people are finding new ways to learn about products that are interesting to them and there are many ways to reach these people.

We are putting these into environments was allows people to talk about this.

It is ironic that the tv guy on mad men is the one that narrates this.

What are you going for subliminally?

I don't think there is much subliminal there.

The guy has a great voice and it is that right balance.

People will say, i recognize that voice and familiarity.

It is the right emotions that we are driving in these commercials about that level of amazement that the onstar technology can bring.

Let's talk about that.

Onstar has been around for 17 years and you claim to have originated this idea of the connected car.

What else can you do other than locking your car remotely?

The basic premise is really around safety and security.

There are four spots that are running right now.

It really explains what the technology can do for you.

Whether it can help you track your vehicle if it is stolen or if you are an accident, that people can be there to help you and assist you.

Or, something as simple as knowing that your car can send a diagnostic report to you and a dealer so that you can be assured that your cars and the best running condition.

There is a lot more in the future.

There was another feature i thought which was interesting, someone leans on your car or bombs into it, you can honk at them?

That is one of those, as i was talking to people the other day, earlier today we announced we would be adding a high-speed connection to the vehicle.

Some of the ideas that this can bring is a much more interactive way to connect with your vehicle.

The notification of somebody bombs your car is a future concept that we demonstrated.

-- the notification if somebody bumps your car is a future concept.

Cars have been slow to keep up with technology.

Cars are not as smart as we would like them to be.

When is a smart car going to be the reality rather than just the exception?

I think you are seeing that today.

There are two ways we are looking at it.

People are connected with their phones.

Their phones are an extension of themselves.

We have to work well with those . we worked with apple earlier this year and we were the first to introduce a connection that allows you to use siri within your vehicle.

There are other people that won a full experience.

They want the best in the technology.

We introduced an award-winning system called the cadillac user experience.

This is an ipad-like hype of interaction.

This is where we are bringing the right technology for the right customers and their needs are different.

You mentioned apple and google.

They are getting more involved cars, where does that leave leave gm?

In terms of working with workers like apple and in google, we are looking for ways to help integrate the experience that people have with their personal smartphones, to look into the vehicle to make sure that it is safe and appropriate for the car experience.

With regards to a toddler striving, it will take a lot of hands working on that particular problem.

It will take a lot of effort to make that a reality.

This has real time traffic updates, what about upgrading the maps and real-time traffic information?

We introduced a product that you bring your smart phone in and you can use it on our vehicles.

People would not expect to have the navigation option using that large screen.

We introduced a that early this year so that they can take their smart phone and have the navigation application from their smart phone shared or projected on that screen and these intra-bubble cars.

The response to that on a global basis, but in europe and south america has been fabulous.

It is an unexpected level of technology for a level of vehicle.

We will continue to work with a device company and make sure they are complemented by those things we put into the car.

There is a lot of opportunity for us to do that because we know about the car, the car experience.

That provides a lot of context that you cannot necessarily get on a smart phone.

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