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Oct. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson reports on GE's CEO summit. (Source: Bloomberg)

Search engine that is powering the darkened -- darker side of the web.

We located off with our exclusive interview with general electric chairman and ceo.

Here is the deal.

The industrial giant that is one of the guests, most profitable companies on the planet, is bringing together some of the top ceos and analyst and policy experts to figure out how to tap into america's middle-market companies.

These are businesses generating between $10 million and $1 billion per year.

These are the guys that everyone should be talking to about what is working and what is not.

These are where the growth is, where the jobs are.

It is accommodation of family businesses, start up businesses, growth companies -- it is a combination of family businesses, started businesses, growth companies.

This is where i go to find out what is going on.

These middle-market companies, get this, they grow revenue more than four times the rate of the large-cap companies.

And here is the key, they are creating seven of 10 jobs this year.

These are not smalltime players.

But these are guys right -- running factories to my franchisees, things like that.

They are working on lean manufacturing about working on succession.

Leadership development.

They need the business context.

A lot of them are trying to grow in china and places like that.

We try to bring in financing.

It is more a commodity business.

It would try to bring death of financing to the middle world.

It is a global business.

Completely sophisticated, dealing in every industry, exporting, trying to plant flags around the world.

We have the benefits of size and scale and having done it for 100 years.

But these guys are on the cusp of everything that is going on in the economy today.

In order to get these midsized companies to grow, and old wants -- jeffrey immelt wants this from president obama.

There is no country that follows us anymore from a regulatory standpoint.

Don't go anywhere.

Because jeffrey immelt has a message for you, too.

The country will never be great unless it has the fantastic infrastructure and the extent to which you guys think anything the government does is wrong, including infrastructure, we will never be able to compete with china and places like that.

Listen up, because jeffrey immelt has advice for you straight from the corner office.

I've done a thousand transactions in my lifetime.

None of them actually get done unless you meet, unless you argue, unless you talk about things.

And no offense, but not with the tv cameras going.

But one-on-one.

Legs are you taking a shot at bloomberg television?

Not at all.

But i don't think the guys talk until the cameras are off.

How much is your desire to get double gdp revenue growth?

All of us want to operate assuming nothing happens in washington.

We could hope for immigration reform or tax reform or things like that, but none of us are counting on it anymore.

For all the lip service, if we just had a progrowth agenda, if there just was a government where people got up every day and talked about how they could grow the economy, that helps all

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