GM's Barra: Customer Safety Is Our Focus

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April 1 (Bloomberg) -- GM CEO Mary Barra testifies before the House Energy and Commerce Committee in Washington about GM's ignition switch recall. (Source: Bloomberg)

Demonstrates just how serious we are about the way we want to do things at today's gm.

We have identified these issues and we have brought them forward and we are fixing them.

I have asked our chain to keep stressing the system at gm and work with one thing in mind.

The customer and their safety are at the center of everything we do.

Our customers who have been affected by this recall are getting our full and undivided attention.

We are talking directly to them through a dedicated website with constantly updated information and through social media platforms.

We have trained and assigned more people to our customer call centers and wait times are down to seconds.

We are sending customers written information through the mail.

We have empowered our dealers to take extraordinary measures to treat each case specifically.

If people don't want to drive a recalled vehicle before it is repaired, dealers can provide them with a loner or a rental car free of charge.

Today, we provided nearly 13,000 loner vehicles.

If a customer is already looking for another car, dealers are allowed to provide additional cash allowances for the purchase of a lease or new vehicle.

Our supplier is manufacturing the replacement parts for the vehicles that are low longer in production pyramid commissioned two lines and have asked for a third production line.

Those parts will start being delivered to dealers next week.

These measures are only the first in making things right and rebuilding trust with our customers.

As i am reminded our employees and getting the cars repaired is only the first step.

Giving customers the best

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