GM Clampdown on Whistle-Blower Revealed

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June 18 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Tim Higgins reports on a decade old whistle blower case at GM. Higgins speaks on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)


A whistleblower case over a decade ago.

Tell us what happened.

It goes back to 2002. flaws in an suv that leak fuel.

He was concerned this would be a hazard and dangerous and potentially fatal.

He says he ran into a lot of problem spirit court records we have.

Eventually, they do a recall.

After the fact, he fell like his career had been hindered.

He felt retaliation.

Protection under michigan law.

In part, we believe he did this because he saw other problems that had not been addressed.

He was trying to get attention for the issue and host a higher level executive would take care of the problem.

The retaliation he faced?

He was the brand quality manager for the caliber, a predecessor for the cobalt.

He was taken off of that and was put on what they termed "special assignment.

Oh -- assignment." he essentially, his career stalled at that point.

He had a hydrogen or he up until that way.

All of this fits into today's hearing.

An old gm and there were problems when executives ignore problems for other employees.

If you take the side of gm, what you're saying is not that surprising.

What is interesting and how this ties into to they puff -- today's hearings, he told investigators he was reluctant to push back against safety concerns.

On a final note, what has gm said, if anything?

West gm will reopen mr.

Kelly's complaints.

They are following a cobalt issue here area that is how we got to the point where we had 20 million recalls in north america alone.

Thank you for joining us on this exclusive story.

You can read be entire bloomberg cover story online right now and our newsstand on friday.

Mary can expect a hostile audience today.

Our resident auto expert matt miller is on the hill today joined by the member.

She is from the ninth

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