GM CEO Mary Barra's First Day on the Job

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Jan. 15 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money" Host Adam Johnson looks at GM CEO Mary Barra's first day on the job. (Source: Bloomberg)

Finally, in sports, brooklyn going to london as pro ball goes global.

We are kicking it off with a story everyone is talking about.


The detroit auto show.

It is open today.

So far, hot new models and high tech concept cars and auto executives talking shop.

Allen has been terrific and he is a great ceo.

He gets the whole conversation off the table.

We are expanding production capability.

It is a different capability equation but most importantly, a different operational cost equation.

16% of total volume is hybrid and i think that will only go up over time.

Sales have recovered fantastically since the recession.

It is really strong.

A nice year.

Our customers to create demand for a product, and the number of sales.


that is the word.

Did you notice something?

Is all men at least until today.

Mary starts her first day at the home of general motors today, the first time a woman sat at the helm of a global automaker.

You could tell what a big deal this is by the throng of reporters that rushed her into the show.

She was there monday.

Sworn again the next morning when the north american car truck of the year award went released on her watch.

She has been at gm for a long time.

She has been at gm her whole adult life, starting as a college intern and working her way through.

An engineer by trading -- training.

Vehicle manufacturing engineering, and she ran product development.

She did time in hr, where she really brought engineering if those there to try to streamline the paperwork and simplify things and get stuff done without mucking everything up.

She has a really strong understanding of the fundamentals of how the company worse, how the car business works, and what she brings that gm has not seen for at least a couple of ceos.

Is a good day for ceo's is.

A modest improvement.

It has brought back the dividend $.30 per share.

There is a lot of pressure and -- pressure.

It is time to turn my back.

One of the biggest suppliers in america just increased their dividend by about 50% yesterday.

Ford increased theirs by 25% last week.

There has been appetite for some of the cash being generated to be returned to shareholders.

Mary feels like gm is not just profitable but will be consistently profitable in generating cash and they can't afford to do that.

It was well received before today's guidance.

Gm benefiting from new or refreshed vehicles in the u.s.. the automaker coming back from his government bankrupting organization.

She is still got a lot of work to do.

It is always important to detroit and industrial america that gm be a healthy company.

When it is not good, it sends a really negative and profound signal about the whole u.s. economy, but especially industrial companies.

A talented person who does not have enemies around the industry.

There is a lot of sense they wanted to succeed.

As far as the cutting for breaks, what she has is a healthy company in a healthy industry.

Everybody's making money now.

Gm is making money.

For years, when it made money, such a small amount, it is really truly competitive now, so she has the opportunity to run a confident, global automaker and there is a lot of work to do to keep making better integration globally with product development, more growth in china.

There is a lot of work left to do.

They have a balance sheet that is competitive, they are paying a dividend, good worker relations right now.

A lot is going in their favor.

They have invested in the product and they keep improving to really win back customers and build their place in the market.

First day on the job.

It helps to have a good luck which from an experienced chief executive like this guy.

All the tickets are punched.

A gray background.

Started at 18. she worked her way up there and

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