GM CEO Barra Faces Public Test: Is Old GM Alive?

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March 11 (Bloomberg) - Bloomberg News’ Keith Naughton reports on the Congressional probe examining the slow response by General Motors in announcing a recall of flawed ignition switches on Bloomberg Television’s “Market Makers.”

About the new gm, whether it was whittaker or dan ackerson.

Does this story suggests that the old, hulking, slow-moving bureaucratic gm still exists?

Class that would be the big question.

When we get into congressional hearings.

Those are the questions that will be asked.

This ten-year time they knew about this problem.

I first found out about in 2004, it is bifurcated.

Half came before the bankruptcy and half afterwards.

Still plenty of corporate gridlock that happened in the process since the bankruptcy.

A lot of committees announced.

In many cases, passed on it.

Does that explain adequately to you or anyone else how an issue of this seriousness -- when people die, you would think it gets elevated to the highest level of the organization immediately.

How could -- how to get stuck for this long?

They have solutions to this problem.

Getting into that -- dating back to 2004, 2005 and 2000 and six, -- 2006, it took almost 10 years to get to the corner office.

These are the things congressional investigators want to know and frankly, so does gm.

She has ordered her own investigation and hired an independent attorney to investigate what went on as the same person who investigated the fall of lehman.

Even she is saying we are not happy with how this unfolded and we want the truth so it does not happen again.

Class could there be a direct fallout?

This could happen on her watch.

Her watch only began january 15, the month before the recalls were announced.

What we have is her first big test and how she handled it.

So far, she has done a public apology, which i'm sure the lawyers were not happy with because it could open them up to liability.

Is it fair it to say it cannot happen on her watch?

She has only been a ceo for two least.

She was not that long ago a vice president in charge of global manufacturing and engineering.

Isn't this a manufacturing and engineering problem?

The cars were developed over a decade ago.

She was not head of project development the time.

A manufacturing executive who went on to be in charge of human resources.

The analysts say what she really needs to do is find a way to break through the bureaucracy that has dogged gm for decades.

The task as ceo, fine this way to never let it happen again.

Thank you.

On the gm story.

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