GM CEO Mary Barra Faces Protests, Shareholders

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June 10 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Matt Miller previews General Motors’ shareholder meeting as Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra prepares to face shareholder questions as the company is hit by the lingering issues related to the ignition-switch recall. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Headquarters yesterday.

Expected to show up once again today.

There will be a lot of emotion there.

Probably a very emotional meeting.

The family set up around 4:00 yesterday.

Right in front of the renaissance center in downtown detroit.

They are expected to come back here in two hours to protest.

At half-hour after that the press will have a q&a session.

She will give us the lowdown ahead of the shareholder meeting.

Last year was only one hour long.

I have never been to a shareholder meeting that was one hour long.

She will certainly be in the spotlight.

Tell us about the board of directors, in particular fishermen -- the chairman.

He is been leading the board for few weeks only when -- when this first happened.

He is not really said much since the recall except for giving his support to the executives and also saying they will have independent counsel because they have been named as defendants in the oh lawsuits.

A judge in new york allowed about 80 of the lawsuits to be combined or told them to be combined as one lawsuit.

Those are not personal injury, just the economic loss lawsuits.

Trying to combine as many as it can.

The personal injury and wrongful death are a different matter than this scores of economic loss lawsuits.

You know this company very well.

You know the spirit of the place.

Last week mary barra told employees if you do not speak up and talk about the problem, that is a problem.

As you talk to employees and managers, what is the sense for how they will change that culture day to day?

I thought it was really an amazing meeting with employees when she said tell your supervisor if something is not working out.

And if that does not work, come directly to me.

That represents a real shift and general motors.

In the lucas report, the independent report ordered into the ignition recall scandal talked about the gm not which is where a lot of executives would just shake your head yes, yes a portable problem and then not do anything about it.

She is trying to really reverse the culture and asking employees to come directly to her if they have a problem that has not been resolved.

Matt miller, thank you so much.

Outside general motors annual meeting that takes place this morning.

Guest host for the hour, one thing interesting about gm and the problems with the recall is operationally i have done very well.

A great april and may, why have they been able to keep up the brisk pace of sales?

It defies logic that you said have -- should have seen a drop in sales and in fact consumers don't care.

She is doing a very good job of handling this.

I think the transparency she is trying to infuse the company with right now is the thing helping them.

She is saying what she needs to say and it is working?


Ceo of the tag and vest.

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