Glu Mobile Finds Success With Kardashian Game

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June 27 (Bloomberg) -- Glu Mobile CEO Niccolo De Masi discusses the success of the “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood" game and what's next for mobile gaming with Cory Johnson on "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Game have soared.

It shot to number two in the app store.

Congratulations, this game is huge.

It is, it's number seven or eight first thing.

Talk about how this game came out.

We have been working about a couple of years to get this to come to fruition.

It's around a proven monetizing game engine.

She exceeded expectations for us.

It is driving -- maybe our biggest game of the year.

What is the gameplay?

You were in kim's world, and she is coaching you on how to get through.

But you are not all an a-list celebrity.

She is helping you become more acceptable.

Kim gives advice?

She gives advice, there is voice overs, she helps you complete tasks so you can become more successful.

How did this come about?

Originally it was our idea, but she has been very critically involved.

She's been great to work with.

She has been quick with approvals and working through how to tie her life and world into the game it.

Talk to me about the development effort, and what it cost to make a game like this.

She is a very high-profile person, there is a lot of opportunities to do a lot of stuff like this.

Really we are focused on concentrating our efforts on big ip, the right game engine that attains, monetizes, and ultimately, we haven't had any orders.

This is probably a two or $3 million effort.

Excluding marketing costs.

How many people work on a game like this?

A couple dozen.

How many of these are you making?

12 or 14 a year.

We put out one month on average.

With the average duration?

Stuff that makes us the top 10 grossing, like our dear hunter game, it will go many quarters.

I think there will be a long on this ultimately in the next year.

We could have kim kardashian deer hunter?

I'm not sure that would be a good fit.

This will be our biggest year.

Kim will help us on our way.

We haven't gotten this far by getting the wrong mix of ip and interest.

You think kim kardashian and deer hunter is the wrong way.

Is that about the growth in mobile, where the number of games you're putting out, or both?

It's a lot of things coming together.

We had restructuring going on, we have had our two biggest profitable quarters, where we produced $6 million of more growth.

Mobile keeps growing.

We are very strong in the android business.

Very strong overseas.

But we have been concentrating our portfolio on benefits between ip that we own, acquisitions we have made, partners we are working with -- we have kim, we have the james bond game announced next year.


You never know.

Anything is possible.

When you do these games, are you finding out that certain things are working better that you try to replicate?


Our business will double and triple in the long term.

It is just the case of making sure we have the right titles in the right languages and devices to capture that growth.

And developing talent?

It is hard to hire right now.

It is hard.

We have 550 plus able around the world.

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