BMW 3 Series Review: Test Drive the Next Generation

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July 24 (Bloomberg) -- BMW has been in the business of making luxury vehicles for over 80 years. One of its most popular models, the 3 series, just got a substantial upgrade with its 2015 M3 and M4 models. Bloomberg's Jason Harper, who got a chance to ride the new models, joined Carol Massar on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

This is "taking stock." em w has been in the business for making luxury vehicles for about 80 years and one of its most popular models just got a substantial upgrade for its m3 and m4 all.

Here to talk about it is our bloomberg auto columnist, jason harper, who got to take these both for a spin.

The m3 has been the iconic name since the 1980's. it's sort of the car -- the three series was very popular but if you want a faster version, you bought an m3. now there is also the m4 which is a two door version.

This is fifth generation.

Is a better generation?

In some ways it is.

Everybody says back in the day it was better.

The previous generation, it had a v-8 engine and was a little more state.

This one has a twin turbo engine and really comes alive.

It is far more than zippy.

You watch the commercials and it says do not attempt.

You can do it preferably on a closed racecourse but it can make you look heroic.

But what's the difference between a sedan or coupe?

Ford wars two.

The sedan is a little taller.

You have to get smashed act their a little but.

Talk to me a little about the drive.

There is dynamic stability control.

You can have it regular or you can ramp it up.

You don't want 600 horsepower to kill you.

You can leave it in normal driving mode will stop you can change the settings on this thing to the sort of alpha mode and it turns into an alpha machine where you can literally take it to a racetrack and do pretty heroic things.

Then you can put it into conservative mode and go back home.

What is the cost?

They are around $50,000 to stop 65,000 dollars -- that's about $18,000 over the regular 30035i. it is a brag mobile.

You just got your professional driver's license.

I thought you were a professional driver.

I drive officially, but i'm not a professional driver.

All men want to be racecar drivers, so how do you do it?

You can get your racecar license, which i just did.

I talked to ferrari and they have a race series was just for our ace, with guys who come and race each other called the ferrari challenge.

They are going to lend me a car and in september, go to a legendary racetrack and race all of these other wealthy guys in a very fast car.

I'm going to get a coach, learn how to do it and keep the shiny side up.

What do you need a coach for at this point?

You could be a normal guy.

You don't have to have a background as a racecar driver, but it's about $300,000. it can remind you that the team and support -- it's different than just doing laps on a racetrack.

They are serious?

They're very serious.

We'll see what i've gotten

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