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May 2 (Bloomberg) -- Lee Rhodes, founder of glassybaby, discusses the company's business model and partnership with Amazon. She speaks with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)


Our theme is overcoming obstacles that you have to deal with to start a business.


It is not just the obstacles about starting in the business.

You had personal health obstacles you had to deal with.

I'm wondering if you can share your story with us.

It was in 1995. i had three young children.

I had lung cancer.

I didn't seem to be able to get rid of it.

It cap nagging at me for another few years.

It was hard on our family.

We try to do things that took our mind off my condition and the stress.

We started glassblowing.

How did you discover glassblowing?

We live in seattle which is kind of a mecca of glassblowing in america.

It is beautiful.

All over seattle people have beautiful stuff.

We brought home one of our little vessels we made.

I happen to drop one into this little vessel, and it lit up.

It lit up in a startling way.

They became part of our life.

It is not only that they led up, but the business has led up in a startling way.

Give us a description of where it is now.

It started by accident.

We were mesmerized by this little thing.

People wanted them.

So we started making them with local glass blowers.

We opened our first shop in 2003. we opened our second shop in 2007. we have grown 30% every year.

We were at 8 million last year.

Clearly, things that touch your heart strings that are handmade in america are important to people.

You employ 70 different glass blowers?

Whence close to 90. what does it take?

Hard work.

They have gone to school to blow glass.

We hire them for 29 hours a week and give them a living wage and health insurance.

They are practicing artist.

They are incredible.

How did you get connected with jeff bezos?

He connected with us.

He loved our brand.

It was a strength to the flame of a glassbaby.

It is a strong brand.

It is an emotive gift and the thing that people love to share.

Do you know what kind of glassbaby he has?

Any idea?

People collect them a lot.

I don't know.

It is a good question.

I gave him one of our brand-new ones.

The master of the universe.

I sent it to him.

They all have names.

Describe the master of the universe.

A drawer -- a dark brown.

It has gold on the outside.

When you light it, the flame is red.

It shines with the gold.

It is beautiful.

One of the other things, you are donating revenue from the company to nonprofits.

It is not a business plan for everybody.

It really works for us.

We make one thing and do a good job making one thing in selling one thing.

We give 10% to cancer and environmental causes.

We gave away our 2 millionth dollar on march 31. a lot of dollars for a little company.

What is next?


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