Trending at the Beach: Gingham Style Shirts

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Aug. 25 (Bloomberg) -- On today's “Top Photos,” Bloomberg Businessweek’s Brendan Greeley highlights photos that illustrate headlines from around the world on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Know they have become a meme.

J.crew stills a gingham shirt.

These are our photos today.

So many men have bought this and so may men wearing it in so many different ways that it now has an instagram profile.

That j.crew gingham shirt.

We're looking at this at the beach.

I can see myself buying the shirt.

You go to the store with your wife and she says you need more color.

You can buy a shirt that has blue and white at the same time.

This is all to do with uniformity.

We love our uniforms.

We feel safe.

This is the best evidence.

We had the levi's 501 samuel days.

We have a gingham at the office.

We have street income.

There are so may different ways you can wear the shirt.

I feel their pain.

I will tell you a fun story.

This is basically a study showing that what you wear, you become that thing.

When you wear a shirt like this, you feel more safe.

It is not just something that we say.

This is a safe shirt.

I think this is the most daring safe shirt you can wear as a dude.

Here is the instagram site.

Scarlet, help me.

It is easy to maintain.

Low maintenance.

What i find amazing is the second picture that you showed us.

There were 20 through 40-year-old guys wearing it.

Please don't make me be more daring than that.

[laughter] thank you for making sure

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