Gilt Groupe Well Positioned for Holiday Season: CEO

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Oct. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Gilt Groupe CEO Michelle Peluso discusses her "to do" list for the upcoming holiday season. She speaks with Trish Regan and Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

You here.

Tell us, and ipo, what do you think going public would do for the company e there are other reasons for going public, generating cash on operations.

I think we can take our time.

What is it that you hope to accomplish in the next six months or next year?

The key ration of the mobile, international the lack there are a lot of themes.

You are trying to do it all.

Many of our female shoppers come to us everyday day and they are trying to share a lot with us.

And what has helped the personal success?


People like the idea of getting something on sale.

We have a very urban, affluent young audience.

Curated at a great value.

Trying to find the right thing, the more they can be personally relevant the more interesting it is.

What about the other side of the equation, being indispensable to the brand.

I have been having a lot of fun with that idea lately.

Excess inventory, there is so much more we can do.

Designing the interior of the new launch, it has been so fun and exciting for members, good for the brand and marketing platforms.

That is fun for us and our brand partners.

A terrific, exciting note around the country, hundreds of people lining up.

Give us a sense of how the hiring consumer is with the high-end consumer.

I think the high-end consumer wants to spend on luxury and things that are great value but has less time, less patients, and is sort of clearly still in the marketplace for the one thing that is personally curated and a great value.

Gone are the days of extreme luxury.

But the idea that you want to be excited, talented, finding something she to you is more relevant.

We all live and an amazon world.

Are they on your radar is competition?

Amazon is next ordinary competitor and anyone who does not think that, i think that they define customer service in many ways.

But for fashion amazon is not that helpful for consumers.

You do not want to wade through lots and lots of things so one of the things we try to do for our customers is make sure that we are doing the waiting for them, curating and being relevant, putting those high-end brands in a brand affirming way.

Do we think we are doing something different?


What do you think holiday shopping will look like?

There is a lot of concern that it will not be a great season, but i think there are a couple of things helping.

There is an absolute shift into digital and mobile.

An amazing amount of our revenue will come from mobile.

So, i think we cater to a customer who is highly mobile and we have experience that can work really well there.

I think we are very well positioned.

Secondly, people like value, we talked about that.

Offering great value when it comes to the holiday, we do that as well.

I hear macro concerns and early data looks quite promising.

Several quarters ago you had to cut some divisions and lay some people off, now you are back to growth, what are the lessons from that?

We have to be focused on doing things exceptionally well.

Anytime time you are trying new things, you can lose energy and focus on the core.

For us it is critical we have our best people focused on the core, that has been part of the biggest celebration.

Well, thank you, great to have you here.

Thank you both very much.

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